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  • Published: Jul 7, 2009

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Hey all--Matt here,


I must say that I'm surprised many people (if any) took a liking to the first CD I put up here. I wasn't expecting much of anything, in all actuality--but I am appreciative for the small bit of attention that I've received.


Since last fall/summer (I upped the album around there, though I can't exactly remember when--and the internet here has been HORRIBLE, using cell phone as modem at the moment), I've been making more music, when I'm not busy in class (attending college full-time) or working one of two jobs to pay for said education/car repairs.


I've been posting the songs as I make them to my Xanga page--but I figured since I had accumulated around 20 that I liked (and I had a few days to spare), it was time to arrange the tracks that I had made into an order that I approved of/wanted to be heard. After that, I found an image I had taken with the phone that I've been using.... and the proceeded to upload the collection to Jamendo.


A few days of internet fails impeded the progress, but thanks to Firefox's "Restore Previous Session" option, in addition to Jamendo's awesome servers keeping track of what tracks were successfully upped, I was able to finish the upload.


Hope it's enjoyed as much as the last one, and be sure to rate/rec/use/comment/star/share/wtf-ever you want, or none of the above. If you enjoy any of it--wonderful.


As always--stay tuned, there's more to come.

Matt D.

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Awesome, simple, no show-off

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May 22, 2010

yep, that's what i like in your music. Good electronic stuff, well build, and without show-off. Just plain simple good music. I like the sound you use, even on more ''technoide'' tracks, it never sound like a cheap tune for basic club. Good electro, man ^^ some track ends a little but abruptly though, and i feel that you can go deeper in the layer of sounds. Very good work, thumbs up!

Axel F Meets Matt

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May 22, 2010

By chance were you catching Beverly Hills Cop while you were composing this collection? :P~~ Two songs stand out to me, and both screamed for subharmonics in them! "Edgar" and "Delicate" I so waited for a deep rolling bassline to accentuate the rhythms in these tunes, but they held their own without. May I suggest that you venture beyond the block slap sound that seemed to be in 40 of the songs. What was good on the `80's sounds dated now. As you get more comfortable with your software I think you'll be trying some pitch bends/blends to give you some edge. All in all, a good collection of track pieces...

Awesome - A Treat to the Ears

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May 23, 2010

The album consists of some very nice chill, trance, electronic ambient. A good healthy dose of it for your listening pleasure. Some of the music had a nice unique twist to it such as "Meh (The Ed Draws Nearer)" which had such a soft intro as it progressed closer to the listener's ears and was quite ear catching. I enjoyed reading the process of the artist and the progress or lack of it in regards to his technological experiences dealing with this album. Its a good thing that Matt has a sense of humor through it all. I always enjoy these personal stories. I have been enjoying these lovely mesmerizing tracks all afternoon and thanks to the artist for creating such nice music . . . and sharing it on Jamendo.

Panorama !

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Jan 9, 2011

Une jolie collection de pièces aux sonorités globalement electro quelquefois techno , dont chaque morceau crée une ambiance, une couleur particulière. Un album voyage, un panorama multicolore qui, par instants flirte avec l'idm.