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by Jamie Rumley


About this album

  • Published: Oct 7, 2009


Jamie Rumley - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keys

Adam Halstrom (
- Drums, Percussion and Lead Guitar

Special Guest:
Lindsey White (
- Lead Guitar on "Had To Be" and "Don't Know Why"


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Me encanto la voz!

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Sep 26, 2009

El album es muy fresco. La forma de tocar y esa voz(Que me gusto mucho) hacen una muy buena convinacion Sin duda este album es para esucharlo a la hora que sea,cuando sea! De mis favoritos!!!


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Feb 11, 2009

Tolle Stimme, tolle Musik... klasse Album ! Freue mich auf mehr...
The Ormite


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Jan 28, 2010

Just a brief appreciation of a very fine collection of songs superbly performed , excellent musicianship and production,with,in my opinion one of the finest female vocalists I have ever heard. Could listen to this album all day. Thank you .
antonio cariola


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Aug 20, 2012

I really like Far And Away


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Jul 20, 2012

Track : Thank You

Prawie doskonały

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May 10, 2009

Tym dla gitary czym Allison Crowe dla pianina !!!
antonio cariola


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Aug 20, 2012

dirty dj


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Nov 11, 2009

superbe fans de carly simon cet album est fait pour vous you're not so vain du bon folk rock avec des airs de "déjà vu"


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Jul 12, 2009

What a wonderful performer, singer and songwriter. This album is absolutely solid from beginning to end, each song is excellent in it's own special way. I do not give 10 ratings easily. This one is my first. You have to respect a Canadian who writes a song called "Anywhere But Here," considering how much Canadians rib us U.S. folks about how good they have it. I wouldn't call this song political at all. As a matter of fact this is a quick, juicy little love song with solid rhythm and some nice leads. A great guitar song. I heard the first few bars of Don't Know Why and I thought, "What's a nice looking song like you doing in a place like this." I'm embarrassed that I disparaged Jamendo even silently and for even a moment but it really is a wonder that that Jamey Rumley has not been gobbled up by a major label. This song has all the makings of an indie top ten. Soulful. Loving. Tense to explosive. All it's missing are those fingernails tearing the skin on his back. Love the bookend opening and finish for this song. It's well produced and excellently performed. I am at the third song of this album and I haven't been disappointed once. As a matter of fact this song is so expertly produced that my jaw drops a little bit. She's a great guitarist and a great singer. This isn't my favorite style of music but I'm trying to review whatever is in front of me in as unbiased a way as I can, and this music is simply stand out excellent. It's a bit more mainstream than my real tastes and that's why I am so surprised and delighted that this musician is also a part of Jamendo. I'm sharing this song with my students who told me that I wouldn't find anything excellent at Jamendo. Thanks Jamie. In your face students. Had To Be offers a different style of production than Thank You (which is likely the best song on the album). Had To Be has a nice "I'm sorry" refrain and I will confess that I am partial to songs that apologize. This song is not really apologizing. She's being ironic here: "I'm sorry I could not be the person you wanted me to be." Jamie, you tell him to shove it! You're the person who obviously rocks the arena. I don't have time to go and check your Wiki bio but I'm guessing, based on the awesomeness of all the songs I've heard from you at this point, that you fill every venue you play. I'm guessing this is not your first album. I'm guessing that you have lots of fans and I am prognosticating that you will get millions more. Ladies and gentleman, Blind is the fifth winner in a row. This album does not offer a low point. It's one quality piece of folk rock after another. The thing is, I like to listen to her voice and I'm curious to hear her stories. I hope she's really writing about herself. She's seems so open and honest. Blind is a love song that any fellow would be happy to have inspired. Flawless! Lost In Myself, the sixth song on the album is just as good as all the others! This album is one smoking winner. And this song is just quirky enough to truly appeal to me. She has left the safety and slightly predictable rooms that she is so expert at and added some stranger production values here. What are those weird sounds that fit in so well? It's a pleasure to listen to her wondering about how she got so lost in herself. Folks, we can get lost in her riffs, and melodies just as easily. This is an album that would make a soundtrack for a great movie about big sky, almost perfect love and wandering. Jamie Rumley, what a pleasure it is to make your acquatance.


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Dec 19, 2009

Cliccato per caso, sono rimasto piacevolmente colpito dalla qualità dei pezzi e dall'orecchiabilità.