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by I Am Not Lefthanded


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  • Published: Aug 28, 2009
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Reviews for "Yes Means No"

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Think They Are Going To Be Big! Great Female Vocals.. Great Music.. Great Album In General....

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Aug 28, 2009

It was really nice to hear this lady sing on this alternative, rock, indie album. Her voice, was fresh, strong and captivating, and very clear, wholesome sounding, and brought the music and lyrics out more with her sweet, pure voice singing, the lyrics where fresh and interesting and suited her voice perfectly as did the music. An all round wonderful, captivating, interesting, beautiful put together and produced. Love every minute of this album and listening to your voice sing. Thanks for sharing your talents guys and gal... Can not wait to hear more from you real soon!

Soft rock? Maybe. Pop? Eh, possibly. Awesome? YES!

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Nov 16, 2010

I know this review comes a bit late, but this is one of those albums you actually want to burn to CD and listen to in the car. I should know, I've done it. It's easy to agree with the reviews talking about the great female lead. She's really something. I couldn't help but think that's about the perfect indie sound, in almost any setting. Is it just me, or does this band use a lot of colors and directions in their songs? I wouldn't call that bad, but I noticed. I kept hearing East, West, North, South, blue, grey, etc. "boatsbutnottheocean" really should be in a movie. Close your eyes and listen to it (preferably not while driving), see if you think so too as you drift off and ten years pass.

Buen álbum

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Jul 10, 2009

Estilo musical muy agradable


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Jan 18, 2010

Musica gradevole, raccolta in un album nel quale però nessuna traccia e nessun momento riesce ad elevarsi sopra gli altri, a catturare l'attenzione e la memoria. Si può migliorare molto, anche perchè la voce della cantante è davvero bella. Complessivamente, un ascolto piacevole.

Sehr schön

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Aug 28, 2009

Dieses Album hat mich wirklich überrascht. Durch Zufall angeklickt entpuppt es sich als kleines Juwel. Mit einer sehr angenehmen und meist eher ruhigen Mischung aus akustischen Instrumenten, Rock und Alternative-Elementen über denen eine tolle Stimme liegt macht dieses Album richtig Spaß. (Manchmal wünsche ich mir noch einen Tick mehr Mut im Gesang.) In den ruhigeren Momenten erinnert mich der Sound immer wieder an Tracy Chapman. Das Album ist vielseitig und die einzelnen Stücke abwechslungsreich. Alles ist gut arrangiert, die zweite Stimme kommt richtig gut und die akustischen Einlagen sind sexy. Mehr davon!


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Jun 18, 2010

ich mach´s kurz: 10 * - geil!

gran álbum

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Apr 23, 2010

muy bueno, tiene tonos melòdicos y al mismo tiempo algo de pop, algo muy sutil de rock y la cantante tiene una voz preciosa. Muy recomendable.


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Aug 31, 2009

me encanto....
Fabrice Gears

Se laisse écouter

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Mar 31, 2010

J'aime bien la musique mais absolument pas la voix de la chanteuse, plate inexpressive , commune sauf dans boatsbutnottheocean qui m'a beaucoup plu. Ma note va de 8 pour le groupe et 4 pour la chanteuse. Mais à conseiller pour ceux qui aiment ce style de voix "modernes" impersonnelles.
The Ormite


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Feb 2, 2010

I AM LEFTHANDED and left footed too! but i love your music, is it wrong of me ? wonderful music lyrics and vocals. beautiful haunting singer loved every second .