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About this album

  • Published: Oct 17, 2009

Andy got pissed off with TV the other day because most people seem to prefer watching people shout and bitch to each other on telly rather than doing things with their partner, family or friends. If anything else in the household did this it would be banned, and many things that are actually safer and better for you are.


Isn't it funny that they don't like videogames and discourage people from playing instuments in psychiatric wards becasue they are "too stimulating" , yet they allow people to watch what Bill Hicks called Lucifer's Dream Box?


TV used to be good when it was just a box in the corner of the living room. Nowaday's it seems to be God incarnate and beyond ANY form of criticism. Is this healthy. And since the government in England sacked all the BBCs board in a political standard, can you trust telly any more - or is it just propaganda and mind control? How come people moan about sex and violence in adult programs when "realistic" family-viewing soaps show 24/7 adultery and murder , crude stereotypes and shallow and rather boring people.


Better shut up, because in 2009 you can decry God, decry the Government but say anything about primetime TV and you're likely to be sectioned :)


Both the recording and publish for this track are public domain and NO COPYRIGHT is enforced for this work, you are free to use it as you wish.

Written and performed by Andy Wainwright / Kathy Wainwright and produced by STellar ArT Wars

and Amen to that ....


who needs love

who needs love when you can
watch it on the telly
see the guilt
the shame, the greed
buy some stuff you'll never need
who needs love when there's the
man on the telly
buy the fear
the want , the need
reenforce the zombie creed

i've go a problem and it
lives in the corner
old dears write in to complain about the porn
but i see
relationship cancer
through the primetime
when mum dad and kids are together
and lovers should be making
love in the meadows

what do i see
that a blind schizophrenic
couldn't dream
on the screen


they'll call you crazy if you
disagree with the
general consensus of the
folks on tv and
few shows that don't scare me
tellytubbies cos it
tells the truth that telly
makes you fat and lazy

well big brothers here
so you better get to like
your new god
a very odd god


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Oct 22, 2009