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  • Published: Jan 12, 2009

This meditative deep ambient track was inspired by the highlands touching the sky.

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Perfect Peacefulness

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Feb 12, 2009

I could almost see them. Those peaceful plateaus where-of you speak. Your music was nice - very floaty and relaxing. Almost as good as a vacation; I could feel my jaws unclench and my shoulders relax and my breathing slow down. This, almost eighteen minutes of ambient music, is just as advertised. Good job.
xenia la chamane


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Oct 12, 2009

voilà une musique comme j'aime,relaxation qui nous emporte vers les étoiles et la lumiére
Le belge


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Oct 12, 2009

Idéal pour retrouver la paix intérieure. Félicitations pour votre talent ! Philippe Mayné

Reminds Of Home...

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May 6, 2010

Back to my home land Bonnie Scotland. where on the highest mountain I did climb. And as far as the eye could see, I saw and nearly touch a cloud and heavenly beauty fill my mind eye. And the air was cool, crisp and so fresh, I filled my lungs and breathed deeply. And the peace and the solitude. Was breathtaking. Into my minds eye and the surreal, divine, peace, resonated and chilled my mind and body.. further and further I traveled into my subconscious and the ambient grace and the pure heavenly vibrations of beauty followed me.. and by the grace of god he held me close..

Un moment de calme...

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Oct 12, 2009

Pour un retour après une grève des transports, ou pour se préparer aux grèves à venir. Aide à garder le contrôle absolument nécessaire. Merci (Merci daisylis pour l'info)

Great album

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Mar 14, 2010

Nice reflective, moody ambient feel. A bit Eno-esque with a subtle cinematic feel. Lovely stuff

Passend zum Jahresende

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Oct 7, 2011

Meditativ, um zur Ruhe zu kommen, Zeit zum Reflektieren oder einfach sich von dem Sound tragen lassen und alles für einen Moment vergessen.....


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Sep 12, 2009

Idéal pour la relaxation et la méditation. Après l'écoute c'est apaisement garanti. Merci pour le partage Merci à daisylis pour la recommandation

Meditative . . relaxing . . .

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Sep 6, 2011

Music that flows and flows like a river of stars slipping through the stream of time . . . it carries you up and into the moment . . where you lie dreaming on the windy plateau . . feeling a closeness to the heavens . . . you become one with the stars and safely dream your spirit self into the beyond . .. Music to relax you, give you a peaceful moment for meditation . . . and de-stressing . . .

Beautiful Music ^^

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Feb 21, 2010

well this is a very beautiful chillout Music ^.~ and sometimes it sounds as if there would fly an airplane around a white landscape x33 yes, I'd say..really beautiful *gives you an Oscar for the most beautiful chillout music in the world*