playlist artwork#12 this weekDance of the Solar Wind

by Brenda Clews


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  • Published: Dec 20, 2009
1. Dance of the Solar WindI wrote this prosepoem in 2007, and recorded it that year. In 2009, I added some Garageband piano loops.
2. Light Catches Diamonds was composed 2007; recorded 2008; in 2009 paired with 'Because,' from "Go Away Blues," by Buz Hendricks of Jazz Street Trio, with permission.
3. Love Letters in Sand Mandalas. Originally recorded in 2005, I added a background of ocean and shells to the recording in 2009.
4. "Roses and Hands"
In the dream, her hands
felt like flowers.
She couldn't explain it.
In her palms, flowers,
like roses, only immeasurably 
enfolded, multi-petaled, 
deep dusk rose-pink, 
soft and fragile 
and intricate 
and very, very
5. Meridians of Culture. Experimental avantguarde music in the background: 'Lambkins Black,' by Gabriel Garrod of Alphacore, with permission.
Image, Pulsing Hea(r)t, Eye of Ra, one of my paintings - click on cover for larger size
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La Musique et la Voix captivante...

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Dec 30, 2009 Brenda, unies dans une atmosphère poétique, hors du temps, mais si réelles et vivantes. Every day is a gift... M E R C I (et merci Balthaz pour la recom)
Ruediger Kramer


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Jan 19, 2010

a great work of poetry - soft and fragile

Earing the solar wind

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Dec 22, 2009

Très belles séquences poétiques, admirablement dites et mises en ambiance. Je me suis laissé captiver sans résistance par ses atmosphères minimalistes au sein desquelles la voix vibre avec délicatesse et mystère. J'ai pensé à Richard Jobson, ou à Robert Ashley. Très jolie pochette également qui me fait un peu penser à Kupka. Un moment plus qu'agréable et qui parait bien court du fait de son intensité.

Poetry - lovely

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Dec 22, 2009

I love poetry - so it was to my delight to find this lovely little album. This album had an unusual and sweet intimate feel to it and it was very obvious that Brenda has a passion for her work. I liked the poem "Roses and Hands" which was read without background sound. I also really enjoyed the 'stream of conscious' style of poem, "Meridians of Culture." There is a lot of bright light, and warmth in this poetry and it was very lovely to hear them during these dark days. This lady has a lot of talent. Thank you Brenda for sharing your work.
dirty dj

songe d'une nuit d'été...... venu du canada

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Aug 1, 2010

et s'égrénèrent les mots sur quelques notes de piano les yeux sont clos et le tout semble si beau merci pour le cadeau pour ces sons qui sortent du lot laissons nous bercer par les flots de cette voix envoutante chaude et enivrante comme celle d'une sirène qui aux confins.... ....du lointain nous entraîne ( merci à balthaz pour cette découverte)
Livio Amato


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Mar 2, 2010

Warm and soothing voice, inviting, intriguing, convolution with the music, touches the soul. For me it is hard to understand all the phrases and verses, but it is a work equally angelic!


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Oct 13, 2010

Brenda speaks and paints with so big passion and joy that it's smitting. It reminds me on my youth when I with similar enhusiasm (and beer in my hand) was reciting my poetry on student stages of my hometown. There is feeling and ambience of warm, jazzy Toronto (AND Montreal) sommer nights in her poetry here. I still feel and remember them with longing to came back and share them (again with beer in the hand) with my brother and my young and artistic nieces. So thank You Brenda for all this memories and feelings. I am going to come back here for more, that's for sure.

Great music + great poetry!!

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Jul 21, 2010

Its really new to me. Music + poetry. Music is so beautiful. Also with the poetry. Make listener relax and think about lyric. Like the beautiful musical mixed with dramatic beautiful poetry. Its a very great and unique. Thanks for share.

Good album

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Dec 30, 2009

The artwork strikes me as an interesting balance between Blake and Crowley's Thoth series. Great creativity! Anyway, it all seems to work towards the final track for me. Meridians of Culture is great as a final conclusion though, so either way, effective. Perhaps a little like a painting, there may be composite parts that have a certain life of their own, though there is a more holistic possession of perceptive perspective. Nice change for me. Realignment? Maybe...


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Sep 10, 2010

I like it!!! Brava!!!