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by Professor Kliq


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  • Published: Feb 13, 2010
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Reviews for "Movements EP"

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The professor is a master

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Jun 7, 2010

Encore une claque signée par ce petit génie de l'electro. Mais comment fait-il à chaque album pour mettre ainsi la barre pus haut ? Je n'aime pas mettre 10 en général mais ici c'est plus que justifié tellement ce monsieur joue dans la cour des grands. Le prochain album je vais devoir lui mettre 11/10.


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Mar 13, 2010

Just having a listen while working on some stuff, Absolutely LoVE it!!! Really great electro music, upbeat, but not overly dancy. Haven't listened to much since Community Service, but this is a nice, solid little EP.

Хороший альбом

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Dec 21, 2010



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Jun 24, 2010

So powerfull sound and music !

Awesomesauciest Kliq Album To Date!

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Aug 3, 2010

Been Waiting For A New Album From PK, And Now It's Here. An Awesome Follow Up To Community Service 2, Classy Electronic Beats And Hard Bass Make It One Of The Best Yet ^^
Chief Totem

Ca déchire!

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Jan 29, 2012

Impossible de ne pas bouger la tête et taper du pied. Du gros son big beat qui fait bouger. Excellent!

Until my neck breaks

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Feb 20, 2010

P. Kliq comes back to serve us his new EP. He is more tight than ever, and that means very fucking tight. Movement is pure Dance Electronic. Ed Bangeresque. Don't worry, the music scientist keeps his eadge, it's just more danceable. Sewage goes somewhere between hips and lumbar and it's out for trouble. And before I can get tired about the hard beats, sampled pitched voices and dirty breaks the Professor gives some cowbells and triangles in the mix. And I can't just sit still. Hell, what should I complain? It's not long enough. Even though, two songs more and I end up dead or at the police station. Spinning my head until my neck breakes What else, Mr. Else?
DJ Green Sugar


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Jun 24, 2010

remember me @ the good old times mr. Oizo, Daft Punk etc. You´ve got it very good, headbang to electro music ^^


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Oct 1, 2011

Créatif, entraînant, original.. De la très bonne electro qui accroche dès les premiers morceaux.

tionarchiste sur jamendo

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Nov 14, 2010

un reve dans la reve du lent et du rapide et vive la ké