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About this album

  • Published: Mar 26, 2010

My 11th album always with Neo Vintage and Retro Futuristic sounds

Mon 11éme album toujours avec des sons Neo Vintage et Retro Futuristes

BPMs and tonality :

01--any train anystation - F Minor - 121bpm

02--spinning planet 2010 revolution mix - C Minor - 131bpm

03--pulsed - G Minor/D Minor - 123bpm

04--desert exit - A Minor - 91bpm

05--activity - A-flat Minor - 131bpm

06--save the grace - E Minor - 72bpm

07--leaves falling - F Minor - 126bpm

08--ich bin - C Minor - 127bpm

09--silk and sun - D Minor - 137bpm

10--beyond eternity - C Minor - 136bpm

11--save the sequence - A Minor - 123bpm

12--e-motion - C Minor - 118bpm

13--rollercoaster 2010 (looping remix) - A-flat Minor - 140bpm

14--(we all want a ...) sexy summer - C Minor - 104bpm

(cc) Some Rights Reserved - Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs CC BY-NC-ND

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Reviews for "RetroFuturism"

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Not any music Not any techno !

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Apr 22, 2010

Pulsed !!!

Buen álbum

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Jun 5, 2010

Me gusta … una mezcla curiosa... de urbano y verde. Un saludo argudin2000

Not what I usually like, but

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Mar 29, 2010

I enjoyed this greatly. It's got such rhythem and bounce. I wanted to get up and dance. The synthesizer is great. lots of fun, this album. I like the names of the songs too. And the album cover is great. Cheers :)

Good album

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Apr 22, 2010

a fantastic album simply wonderfully best song ......... e-motion

Awesome Creativity, Talent,Style & Album In General

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Dec 5, 2010

Into a land of energetic, passionate,heartfelt,emotional, moving euphoric, trance like, hypnotic music, that makes you feel so alive and good all over. I was in 7th heaven, checking this cracker out. I also loved the way you blended classical elements into dance tracks, for example "Pulsed". that was creative and expressed to perfection as where all the others.. I love your style, I love the way you see things and make them fun as well in your music. Keep up the amazing work.. Had an ace time. listening to this gem.. The whistling in Desert eXit blow me away with the heavenly vocals Heard in it..I could go on raving about you and this album. But I would give you a big head.. Let just say.. I Loved it..Everything was perfect..

Exceptionnel !

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Jul 10, 2011

Je ne me lasse jamais d'écouter votre musique ! Etant un grand fan d'électro, je suis aux anges, vous avez un style très personnel où l'on sent différentes inspirations ! C ce que j'aime et tout particulièrement sur cet album je suis super fan de " Desert Exit " qui sonne un peu western ! Surtout continuez comme çà !

Great music

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Apr 13, 2010

Great quality music to enjoy! Can't believe this stuff is free!


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Feb 4, 2010

Great album. I've been playing this pretty much exclusively in my car for the past week during my commute back and forth to work. It makes the time fly by, and I'm actually disappointed once I reach my destination and have to turn off the music. I really enjoy track #4. It has such a great 'old western' feel to it. I can almost see the two gunslingers walking down the dusty street, hazy sun over their shoulders, heading for their showdown. :) Excellent work. I highly recommend the album, and look forward to the next.


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Mar 14, 2011



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Apr 13, 2010

Another powerful album,another great job!!Well done JCRZ!!!