playlist artwork#12 this weekHonky Fonky (EP)

by SaReGaMa


About this album

  • Published: Aug 7, 2007

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 This EP includes 3 tracks from the albums Bodhi Tree and 4D Reality published earlier on Jamendo and a collaboration with wonderful saxophonist Hamelin Bérengnier - HONKY FONKY.

This track was included in Triplexity's album Between Light and Shadow.

Audio quality of the music offered on Jamendo in best case reaches 190 kbps, which is quite reasonable for evaluational purposes but definitely not enough to experience the richness of original sound (1411 kbps). If you'd like to feel how this music sounds for real you can obtain a lossless FLAC version of this album on my website.

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You can copy, distribute, advertise and play this album as long as you:

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Reviews for "Honky Fonky (EP)"

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ça coule tout seul!!!

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Jul 16, 2007

BRAVO!! Tout ce que j'aime, ça "swing funky smooth jazz" ... Yo les gars j'ai les poils dressés vers le haut!!! Good job!! Hamelin, ascension vers le haut, bientôt U'll can touch the stars.. Vraiment bon par ici..

Lovin' it

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Apr 24, 2008

Nice sample-based reconstructions and inventions. Jazzy feel with great textures, vinyl sound quality and scratching. Funky, earthy instrumental hiphop grooves mixed with playful samples. This music sounds like the result of countless hours digging through the crates, condensing jazz and funk gems into hiphop grooves. Sit back and enjoy this arrangement of rare grooves, classic beats and samples without having to get your hands dusty.

Funky ,groovy,all you need

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Jul 18, 2007

Great album,like this style very much! Keep on going! Best

Listen to dis Sound Movafakaz !!!

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Dec 7, 2007

Magic, Majestic, great pimpin' music sound, yeahhh, you wanna play movafakaz?? listen to SAREGAMA, he will make you dance like a fool !!! Great Album !!!!

keep on, man

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Jul 13, 2007

darf ich einfach mal die punkte weggeben, ohne gross zu sabbeln? (Herbie Hancock, Groove, Mojo - man, mojo - ...going down to ...Blue note, yeah!) I mean, yeah!


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Nov 17, 2009

De lo mejor que he escuchado en Jamendo... de verás. Impresionante! Saregama es de los mejores fichajes de Jamendo. Es versatil, creativo y contundente.

Great album

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Sep 27, 2007

I particulary liked the first (good jazz solo trumpet) and the second (great guitar sound)tracks. Well done, really good mixing. The album could have been longer, my ears want to hear more.


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May 31, 2009

C'est le genre de zic que j'adore et qu'on trouve rarement. Encore!

New album of US3 ?

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Jul 17, 2007

As usually very professional music made by SeReGaMa. Unfortunately, although I listen every kind of music, hip-hop and funky is not my favourite. When I listen "Honky Fonky" it reminds me "Hand On The Torch" US3. But SeReGaMa sounds better !!!

Of course it's great!!!

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Jul 15, 2007

Ok...i can say that this is one album of SaReGaMa i like the most...This is a little bit the style that you can hear in the music of "St.Germain" or "Sacred Spirit-Culture Clash" don't know this musiciens,this albums???....well you missed great things in your life! This album is completly different beside the other albums of SaReGaMa and also my congratulations to the other musicien in this production! One stupid guy wrote in his review that this is just a copy of other existing my message to this guy! "Do it better than this,show us that you are KING!"....pfffff!!! More of this!!!