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  • Published: Oct 7, 2007


Attenetion Deficite Hard Disc Junkie



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Jul 19, 2007

As his previous work has proved, 'i am this' is a unique artist experimenting in his own direction. I really enjoy listening to this album. The repetition within the tracks leaves me wondering whether I'd describe them as catchy, as the repeating phrases seem to be in a constant state of flux (I don't mean the notes of the phrases as they're samples, the constant change is from the myriad of effects being applied). This music is really beautiful and I'm glad I've found this artist.
DJ Green Sugar


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Oct 25, 2009

Echt GEILES album, meine gefühle fahren achterbahn und ich mitten drin... nur 4 1/2 sterne weil es doch etwas kurz ist und ca. ab titel 6 kurz etwas mit der stimmung runter geht, kommt aber flott wieder hoch :D einfach nur ein gutes album

Bon album

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May 23, 2009



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Oct 17, 2007

Bon boulot !

Très Bon album

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Feb 6, 2009

J'aime beaucoup tout les albums que vous avez fait. A par quelques chansons je n'ai rien a dire de votre prestation. "King for a day","make me your DJ" are very good

Bon album

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Apr 16, 2009

très créatif, à écouter et réécouter jormas
On The Mission From God

! massive !

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Nov 9, 2010

yet another must-have release

Bon morceau

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Jun 16, 2009

Nous cherchions une musique du genre. Très bonne maîtrise, nous vous aurions bien choisi pour figurer sur l'accueil d'ImperialDream ;) .

Not 'i am this' Best Work

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Jul 18, 2007

In fact, this is so far away from your other work that I refuse to believe it was done by the same person. I could've sworn I've heard these exact compositions somewhere else under another name, but that's just me. There are hints of brilliance in this album, don't get me wrong. the drum patterns on "may flights", while mostly uninspired, tend to be reaching the level of genius in terms of technicality. There are moments of "evil calm" that bring together the otherwise unblended instruments together to cohesively give a few miniature moments of brilliance, but then return to their ways of regretfully living together in the same song. The album follows this suit, while showing some really cool moments, really has a bunch of pointless detours from what I feel to be the point of this album, which is to bring innovation to trip-hop and the likes, which he does in one song, "fusion ha", which is the stand out track. Most of the album is a series of mini-drones with distorted drums behind them, and this would be totally normal under another moniker, but knowing the previous work of the artist tends to get me thinking if they were completely in this album full force or not. This artist's usual attention to detail is what really got me to become a fan of his, if you may, but I just don't see any of that attention here. It's as if these are rough drafts to a potentially mind-blowing album. Overall, I'm disappointed with this release and hope "i am this" stays with his calling card of his past albums.

laid back beat

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Sep 15, 2007

It is not good as spinning into control and BLAPP but it has it's moments