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by TotorRo


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  • Published: Apr 29, 2010
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Nov 5, 2010

Amazing! Thanks!!!


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Jun 5, 2010

Very nice! =)

Outstandingly Beautiful....Mesmerizingly Captivated Both My Heart & Soul....& Took My Breath Away...

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Aug 8, 2010

It starts of with you sitting on the subway train.. and you hear the sounds of the engine and the wheels running along the track..And other trains passing the one by you are on..Then the pitch changes and the tone..And the deep, hypnotic, tranquil, sweet sound of the acoustic and bass guitar play in perfect harmony.. To a love ballad..That is directed by the hard, passionate sounds of the drum beats.. As you listen you feel your woes and stresses of the day.. Just disappear and all around you. You hear the arousing,sincere... sexual, sensual, stimulating sounds of the music. Comforting, fill you and drive you into a heavenly euphoric bliss..That is building and building up into a crescendo of sounds. Then it slows down and teases and please you.. To you eventually come into a climax of powerful, compelling, hard, driven, directional, orgasmic, energy and startlingly loud, proud in your face Track two.... is an acoustic, steel,electric guitars ballad with good drum beats.. That is soothing, irresistible,gorgeous,captivating and compelling, romantic and is sweet to both my heart and soul.And made me well up inside and cry...because it was that passionate...that sincere.. the moving.. the deep.The breathtakingly outstanding and speechlessly played to perfection. Track three...loud, proud, roaring, energetic, passionate, guitars and electric sound waves that flow and hit you full on. IN this dynamically, awesome, driven hard, fast, furious soundscape of excellence.With ac bass that bounces and sends you into hell and back. Euphoric, exciting, makes you feel alive and kicking.. And exstatic...That then slows to a more soothing tranquil feel and slowly work back up again... Track four...gentle, soothing, compelling, sweet, thought provoking, slightly stimulation.. that slowly works up and develops, the longer you listen.Then moves more graceful, bewitchingly, elegantly and interestingly to a classy, rock, instrumental, ambient, soundscape of joy, intrigue and bliss.

Bon album

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Mar 7, 2010

Voila du postrock parfaitement maitrisé et d'excellent niveau. C'est sombre, ombrageux, puissant, impressionnant, alternant des passages calmes et éthérées avec des montées en puissance qui débouchent sur des murs de guitares saturées offrant un son opaques et percusif. Un rock lourd et sombre peut être aussi très beau et vecteur d'émotions. Le Postrock en est la preuve et TotorRo en est un beau représentant. A écouter pour se faire du bien aux cages à miel.


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May 30, 2013

This music is so rich that I listened several times through the EP without even noticing that it was looping over 4 songs. Good job!

Good album

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Sep 2, 2012

Genuine post-rock album!


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Jun 13, 2010

las canciones me hacen acordar a Russian Circles, muy bueno !

great post rock stuff

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Nov 11, 2010

I like style of this album. I was listening to that for about hour on loop, I like especially last song