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About this album

  • Published: May 8, 2007

Jamatrix is the second full album release on Musictrade from the Dutch experimental electronica artist and sound architect KraftiM. The Jamatrix project was based on samples collected from five artists who all are releasing their music on the French Jamendo website. From each source track six samples were distilled and subjected to a thorough processing treatment, resulting in a matrix where each of the six KraftiM tracks uses material from five selected samples, one from each of the contributing artists. These are the contributing artists and their works being sampled:

The Abogix (J.K.): "I dreamed... I was a bird" from album "Welcome in my Dreams"
Arne Pahlke: "Projekt Demon" from album "Dunkel"
Albert B: "Pichu's Suite" from single "Pichu's Suite"
Melchiades Estrada Band: "Symbiose" from album "Music of Youth"
pan:core: "Another Day, Call from Italy" from album "Breath On"

Especially for this Jamendo release an intro, outro and bonustrack are added. These tracks won't be on the Musictrade/Mininova release.

KraftiM thanks the above Jamendo collegues for their great trust and contribution.

NOTE: a special 24bit audiophile version of the album is available as a torrent:

24 bit/44.1 kHz FLAC encoding, 472 MB download on Mininova

(cc) Some Rights Reserved - Attribution CC BY

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Reviews for "JamatriX"

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L'Univers KRAFTIM...

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Sep 8, 2007

Il n'est pas évident de se lancer dans ce genre d'expérimentation qui plus est lorsque l'on sait que les cinq artistes référencés par KRAFTIM viennent d'horizons totalement différents...c'est hallucinant! On participe aisément à ce voyage auquel KRAFTIM nous plonge, un univers ambiant truffé d'excellentes surprises... Cet univers que l'on ne peut qu'adorer car KRAFTIM arbore avec une certaine facilité le travail d'un parcours expérimental comme lui seul c'est si bien le créer... Bien joué!

top electronic

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Jul 8, 2007

It turned out very nice! I like it! It has this "gravity towards the center"-thing - it's that "peacefulness" again, I found in the other of your albums (hey, you are getting me to be an electronic fan ...) - The way, the tracks are made is very interesting (audience, please read about it by clicking "more" about the album) this is actually going back to electronic roots like years ago - seems like most artists today just use a virtual sine and saw-wave generator. But, I love the idea of taking original material and giving it "random-voltage-treatment" although: I think, it was not random - but very deliberate. Oh, RANDOM is a great GOD. I like the Album a lot - great!!


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Aug 8, 2008

Great sounds, worth to download it.

Beautiful déjà Vu feelings ( for some of us)Great Album

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Aug 8, 2007

I'm gonna be brief about this album: I abso****ing-love it!!!! '-) As with their previous works you are going to instantly recognize the talent.Even in the short pieces ("intro" and "uotro") is present , I liked the personal touch that you intended (and beautifully achieved If I may add) to give to "PichuB" that emphasis in the oriental touch... I adore it, really. Track #7 is another jewel also! Bravo KraftiM and Gracias for this album with such a gorgeous musicals déjà Vu moments...

Loved it!-)

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Jun 9, 2008

Excellent intro, a very nice start, love that bass noise. Then, floating into Melkiose, a musical mine of jewels of sound, sonic reverberations from the depths of this paradise. PichuB clatters it's way into being, breathing waves of ghostly energy all over you, something dark lurking in the background, until the presence becomes an incessant throbbing of the atmosphere. It starts to dissipate and other retrieving calls echo around. Then, in comes Rezbird, whirls of shadow, deep rumbling joins the throng, a parade of freaks make their way by you, sourly regulated in its own intractable manner they go on and on... the drumbeat of demons, the clanging reins of monstrous beasts of burden and suffering! Demonwind sets you on edge immediately, what hellish ullulations have been invoked here in this space and time? Giant, etheric entities ooze by coldly in the space between here and there, making you freeze to the marrow. Next Panatem, seems at first a change of tone but suddenly, there's that sense of foreboding creeping in, then dissipating at the chanting of an unspeakable mantra, until it begins to unfold into a lighter aetheric level. Ending where you began... lost in the forest? Then Zugnamor descends with scintillating wings of leathery skin and speaks in unknown tongues to the stupified listener. Before you dreams of paradise begin to return, glimpses of the beauty of Eden, with whispers of the darker beauty below. Then out you go, through the trees, back to reality. The bonus track recalls your optimism for life, there could still be hope? I really enjoyed this one KraftiM, thanks again!-)

Nice ambient

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Apr 28, 2011

Your works get better and better. This one, for the first time, has no weak points for me and the songs are of equal quality. Every track is very fine. It's pure ambient, but creative and full of interesting sounds, melodies and atmosphere.

Kraftim sound system

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Sep 10, 2007

Kraftim necesitaba encontrar un nuevo reto, y lo encontró experimentando a partir de la música de algunos artistas de Jamendo. Original de entrada. Y asi, cinco mundos paralelos confluyen en uno solo, en una maravillosa lección de texturización de sonido. Kraftim no abandona su estilo para nada, tal y como nos tiene acostumbrados, con cadencias repetitivas a base de patrones trabajadísimos. Un estilo ya muy propiamente suyo, y que admiro por su riqueza, tanto de sonidos como de coherencia rítmica. Reto superado, y con nota ;-) Gracias.

om hum

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Jan 30, 2008

don't know if this guy needs another review. it's really high quality sound, headphones or good speakers and it mixes very well, definitely interesting ambiance. the definition of ambient music, as i remember, is something that can be in the background or listened to - well it is a waste if you leave this in the background, there is so much to listen to :)

very nice track

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Nov 19, 2013

Track : Melkiose

special atmos, beautiful layers, love it

Der Mix machts!

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Aug 13, 2007

Mein "Projekt Demon" war als erstes zu hören! BÄHHH - UND IHR MAL NICHT! ;-)) Ich höre bei KraftiM häufig auch hier wieder Filmmusik der 80er heraus (im Stile der Carpenterfilmmusiken) Damit hat er sofort ein Pluspunkt bei mir gesammelt Minimalistische Klangteppiche (ich denke da nur an "Nebe des Grauens") erzeugen eben meist (zumindest bei mir) meist die größte Spannung Das Intro kommt verschärft - aber es war/ist denn auch gut, das es nicht ständig so weiter ging/geht - sehr fodernd. Die ruhige Spur von "Melkiose" und "Pichu" gefällt mir sehr gut, wobei letzteres Stück eine schön-schaurige Spannung aufbaut "Rezbird" ist natürlich ein Hinweis auf den Vorlagenlieferanten Abogix, ebenso wie ich im Demonwind "Projekt Demon" heraushöre - super spannend aufgebauter Track - einfach klasse gemacht! Verstörend - gewaltig - geil! Zugamor - auch toll - ich liebe dieses "klaustrophobisch schizoide Stimmung " an diesem Werk