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About this album

  • Published: Jun 15, 2010

TabLiv: The Vermont Tapes

TabLiv is a semi-concept album created by Tab {Dead Poets} & Tone Liv {Green Llamas}.  The album is focused around a road trip to Vermont, but it also has a very nostalgic feel to it.  Tab handled most of the production with a few beats from {Dibiase,Vincent Price & A.U.R.C} sprinkled in to keep it interesting.  The Vermont Tapes is definately a feel good summer record but it still has that raw 90's underground NY hip-hop vibe. Influences from everywhere {Sublime,Wu-Tang, A Tribe Called Quest} can be heard throughout these 13 tracks.
Thank you to Elle Rose for backup vocals on Road Trippin', Take it Easy & Strong Dranks...
Thank you to Anitek for doing the cuts on Spring Cleaning..
Track 4. Strong Dranks {produced by A.U.R.C}
Track 6. Morning Star {produced by Dibiase}
Track 13 Yesterdaze {produced by Vincent Price}

"You won't find very many releases this dope at the going rate of...FREE.   Tone Liv from Remarkable Mayor combines forces with emcee/producer Tab (Dead Poets) for this project.  I went in skeptical enough but left thinking this is one of the top independent release this year.  It is THAT good. The beats for the most part qualify for the adjective of superior and the emcees including the few spot guests all shine nicely.  I am just getting familiar with Tone Liv right now but his flow sounds impeccable on this production.  And this artist, Tab, who I have never heard of, has an equally nice flow.  Really great chemistry between the two on the microphone.    Almost every track is a gem but if you were to ask me my favorites I would tell you...VinylTake It EasySpring CleaningKillington SlopesBoozeHoundsSpecial OlympicsHazard Lights, and Magic Of The Night.  All of those songs I would give five out of five stars. Pure brilliance.  Download now or be sorry later. " -

"The album is dope all the way through. ALL. THE WAY. THROUGH. I’ve had the album on repeat for the last 2 hours, and I haven’t skipped one track. That’s quality music right there, so don’t pass it up. If I was told to give this album a rating, I’d give it a 10/10. I couldn’t find anything wrong with it, or something I didn’t like. Big ups, Tab & Tone!"

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Aug 23, 2010

Etant francophone mais comprenant l'anglais, j'ai toujours été fan du rap provenant de l'autre coté de l'atlantique et en découvrant cette album d'un artiste totalement inconnu, je ne savais pas si j'aimerai ou pas. Après l'avoir écouté, je suis scotché de par la qualité de l'album et sérieusement, certain "Grand" ferait mieux de bien ce tenir :)

De la puissance et du plaisir !

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Jun 10, 2010

Un artiste que j'ai découvert il y a peu, et ce fut comment dire : une fusion :o, une entente surréaliste :"o avec l'état d'esprit que souhaite divulguer leur ambiance, so wonderful !!! Alive TabLive !!!

Yes, please.

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Aug 29, 2010

Across many genres at Jamendo, a small stream of quality artists are beginning to riss like cream. In hip hop, it's TabLiv who's turning all the heads.
Den Sever

Хороший альбом

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Jan 10, 2010

Чёрт довольно понравился альбом хоть я и реп редко слушаю чем то напоминает 90-е ностальгию небольшую нагнетает а так довольно легко слушаеться !!!

Great album

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Jun 23, 2010

Great album! Style mostly known from previous albums but there are some new interesting elements too.


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Aug 25, 2010

i download your album and i think its awesome!:)

Good album

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Nov 18, 2010

My daily commute is quite long and it always helps to cruise along to a good album with a consistent flow on those hot-ass days with the window down. Love the beats and rhymes.

Dobry album

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Nov 27, 2010

This album sounds like normal 100% rap. Nothing more nothing less. I like it, especially rap music is not my number one. Guys keep this level. I will come back to your sounds with pleasure every time.


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Jun 23, 2010

verry nice album
Jesús Alarcón


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Sep 6, 2014

Track : Magic of the Night {feat. A.U.R.C}

Fucking awesome.