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by Butterfly Tea


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About this album

  • Published: Sep 7, 2010

Good listening to you all !

Let your critics, share the album, made ​​it out, I need you!

And don't forget, for those who discorver my musics : I have more than twenty albums to listen, all on Jamendo.

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If you make a movie, a game, a short film etc... and are not professionnal yet. But you're seeking to become it, you are motivated and passionate.

Present your project to me,if I'm sold on it then I could eventually compose original musics only for you, enhance your production with my music, and make an important advertising for you through my networks, in the whole world.


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Reviews for "Geek Faeries 2010 - OST"

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Blissful Entertaining..

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Oct 7, 2010

The dance of the fairies ball, with the majestic, medieval, captivating, summer sounds of soundscape. Filter and touch my soul. The happiness and joy, that is held within. The smiles and good times. The kind and Queen of fairy land. The do sit so regal,refined, and royal on their throwns.And watch the festive of celebration before them unfold.The ballroom is crowded capacity overflowing to the brim. Asian Wonder.... exotic, far eastern flavours fill my mind. The smells of that far of land.. hit my nostrils and the sounds of the mandolin. and the tubular bells, sound inside my heart and ears. And the powerful, yet gentle sounds of the drums. beat in time with my heart.making me feel, peace, grace and heavenly bliss within me. And I see your face before my eyes.. and I smile.. And hold your hand.. far off in that distant land my lover is their. just sitting waiting for me.. Oriental Rock Lullaby......magical, stimulation of sights and sounds fill my head and heart. I listen and feel the bewitching, captivating, upbeat, graceful sounds. and the electric guitar. sing in time to my heart beats.. Euphoria fills my needs. And this oriental rocky lullaby sends me to places I have never been to before. Into a crescendo of sounds.. My mind in in heavenly bliss.. addicted to the sounds .. Beautifully expressed, perfection in sound quality and lovely lightly stimulating, worldly,exotic, music. That puts you under its magical, hypnotic,graceful spells and makes you feel so good, inside and out, on hearing them play..Great use of the electric guitar heard. Let alone the percussion, organ,symphonic music in general.. Everything making this an experience you don't want to miss. Let alone making you feel rested, calm and in a good state of mind and body on hearing them play. Let alone very entertaining on top.

Хороший альбом

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Jul 21, 2010

Хороший альбом, хорошая музыка, практически все нравится... Дизайн обложен большей частью приятен и к месту... Очень хотелось бы услышать некоторые композиции в исполнении оркестра... Из предложений могу только посоветовать автору записать альбом с музыкой потяжелее, думаю получится неплохо...

I LoVe it! Thank you.

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Mar 8, 2010

initial spd


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Oct 7, 2010



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Aug 28, 2010

Un papillon à Paris,lors de la nuit des féeries offre une danse forestière,aux sons d'une berceuse rock orientale. Miracles asiatiques:les coeurs de médiévaux retrouvent leurs origines dans le retour de la fantaisie. Musique à l'esprit d'un autre siècle,qui nous plonge dans une épopée romanesque. merci à vous pour cet agréable moment.


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Oct 7, 2010

There Is so much to say about this wonderful album , goal alas , I'm off to a family reunion . Though I Will Say , That the first track IS fabulous ! Catch Every facet of medieval style of music . Just beautiful, captivating and foot -tapping ... Actually I would love to Be Doing a traditional line dance right now . The Whole album is sheer joy . Butterfly Tea Has yet to disappoint me, ever. I Have Loved Used in Many small musics videos , celebrities and Always ask me , " Where Did You Find this musician ? ? ? " Thank you Olivier Renouard , for sharing your beautiful , amazing talent with the world !

Si può ascoltare

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Mar 9, 2010

Musica medievaleggiante in atmosfera fantasy. Sarebbe ideale come commento sonoro per un videogioco. L'ascolto tende ad essere ripetitivo.

Impresionante trabajo

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Oct 30, 2010

No era para nada el tipo de música que buscaba pero lo que me ha hecho sentir a conseguido que me enamore casi instantáneamente.
Morte amoureuse

Es fantástica

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Aug 19, 2010

Realmente es magnifica esta musica, te transporta a un mundo magico.

Inspiring. :)

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Oct 11, 2010

The songs in this album could easily become a soundtrack, in other renditions. The best quality was probably how easily the music fit into its theme - you really could feel the setting. Particularly good work on the oriental pieces, though there's a certain "safety net" that a lot of artists take with that. It's one thing to make a piece sound like it comes from the heart of Asia, and quite another to take that theme and strike it deep. It comes very close to doing that.