playlist artwork#12 this weekDelusional Haze

by Dysphoric


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  • Published: Jul 20, 2010
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Brillaint Expressed & Performed.

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Jul 24, 2010

Wow.. what a gorgeous, intrigue, blissful start, that end turn into torture and pain..And then the album starts to open up with the first proper track, as that was just a tantalizing teaser of what was to come next. Arousing, deep, thrashing, heavy, electric guitars. and Demonic, howling, heartfelt,sincere, strong vocals. That sing and tell you tales of woe and sadness. Let alone emotions and images that he tells, with such sincerity and meaning. And the music, wraps around his determined voice. And tells us its feelings, actions and thoughts. Let alone a good ordinary voice you hear as well at times. IN just the right places at that. And loved the acoustic guitar ballad that took me by surprise and give this such passion and grace, let alone depth. All in all, this is a remarkable, compelling, thought provoking, really expressive, well put together and performed,metal, dark,black album.With great sound samples added as well. Like the sounds of thunder and lightening. and rain.


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Aug 26, 2010 the best dark! Delusional Haze.