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by Josh Woodward


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About this album

  • Published: Aug 18, 2007
One of the two most recent CDs released by Josh Woodward in August 2007. Not Quite Connected is an acoustic pop/rock CD, full of intricate stories held together by acoustic instrumentation. Features "She Dreams in Blue", "Effortless" and "Darien Gap".
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Reviews for "Not Quite Connected"

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Complementary Goodness

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Aug 21, 2007

This is a light pop rock album that goes hand in hand with Josh Woodward's dark pop rock album, Dirty Wings. This is another really amazing album, and if you liked Dirty Wings, you will probably not be disappointed by Not Quite Connected. Of course, the mood is very different, drawing from slower, lighter sounds. The instruments tend to by more accoustic than in the other album, and the amount of drums is almost inverted, relying more on melody than beat. Instrumentally, there is a lot more variety than in Dirty Wings, throwing in a lot more banjo, violin, harmonica, etc. Woodward's voice seems to adapt to any mood, and this album does not provide an exception. Just as the lyrics were quite dark in Dirty Wings, the lyrics are typically very light in Not Quite Connected. Typically, the lyrics tend to represent a struggle between love and anger. In this album, the lyrics lean towards love as opposed to the anger in Dirty Wings. It seems that even the angry songs are filled with love in this album, whereas in the other, even the most loving songs seemed to be filled with some degree of anger. Some of my favorite tracks include track 2, "Effortless", track 1, "Darien Gap", and track 11 "River Run Dry". Overall, this is a really excellent production. Woodward's inherent talent is evident, as well as the effort put into the album. The cover art is excellent and the lyrics aren't cliche and mass produced. If you liked Dirty Wings, this album is the perfect complement. If you like this album and you haven't checked out Dirty Wings, that should be your next stop.

Toujours sous le charme

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Aug 21, 2007

C'est le deuxième album de Josh Woodward que j'écoute en l'espace de peu de temps. Sur le premier album, ma critique n'était pas des moins élogieuses. La seconde le sera tout autant. Toujours aussi charmé par la belle voix de cet artiste et par ses musiques simples et mélodieuse, je décide de mettre, une nouvelle fois, la note maximale, pour saluer un album talentueux et au grand charme. Une nouvelle fois, Josh Woodward, fait étalage de son talent.

pezzi finalmente innovativi

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Jan 20, 2009

bello...tutto l'album...dalle più sentite emozioni a rock più allegro e spensierato al punto giusto.....bel'album....bravo...


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Nov 25, 2008

Bardzo mi sie podoba ta płyta - początek uspokoja, a koniec dodaje nieco energii. W piosence "She Dreams in Blue" słyszę "Dust in the wind" Kansas - bezsprzecznie! :) ale i uważam ją za najlepszą na tej płycie. Podoba mi się okładka - zresztą wszystkie płyty tego artysty mają ładne okładki. Uważam, że to płyta, do której warto wrócić, dlatego porywam do ulubionych!

I'm buying

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Sep 22, 2007

My fondness for this album grows every time I listen to it. Even better, I've now found a creative commons supporting artist that "normal folks" (ie, my college peers) would approve of. I'm going to buy some CDs of his as soon as I have money again. The lyrics are clever and clear. The acoustic rock sounds blend perfectly with Woodward's intimate vocals. Ok, so I probably haven't said anything original in this review, but these things are all true. If you don't believe it, download the album free of charge and guilt and decide for yourself.


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Mar 30, 2009

Не знаю, как это сказать на английском - но действительно, ДУШЕВНО, песни для души, поднимают настроение,очень приятный голос - спасибо за песни =))))

great music, really some nice pieces of music themes

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Sep 21, 2008

i really enjoyed listening to your music, is really calm and well achieved, fine jamendo artist, really cool.i enjoyed specially the 4th song in the album, i thinked is great and well done. please review my work also (thanks)

Buen álbum

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Feb 11, 2009

Me encanta el toque acústico de este artista; tiene un par de álbumes muy buenos. Un sonido muy limpio.


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Jan 24, 2009

Das kommt so leicht und unbeschwert daher, wie's nur einer spielen kann der's beherrscht. Ein schönes Album, lasst euch mal verzaubern ...

I Love IT!

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Mar 25, 2009

This is some great music!!! good beats, lyrics and variety! This has all the elements of a good album!