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by Heidi Sierra

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About this album

  • Published: Aug 30, 2010

This album was inspired by some books I have read.  My previous album Twilight Obsession was all inspired by Twilight.  I titled this album Breaking Obsession because the songs are no longer inspired by Twilight.  Only 5 songs were inspired by Twilight.  The rest by other books.

Although, they are book inspired, I think everyone can enjoy them as they do not mention characters.  I simply get inspired by the stories and write to them as if it was my own personal journey. 

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Girl Your Going Places.........

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Jul 9, 2010

Heidi, please take this as a great compliment when I say. You remind me of Sean Wright, a great male singer, songwriter and musician, who is also here on Jamendo. As to ,you are like a female version of Sean. With your striking strong vocals. And that deep rawness of honesty and heartfelt sincerity that flows from your sweet, divine lips. And the feels from your soul just resonating within my ears drums and flowing down to my heart and my own soul as you sing. I sat bewitched and mesmerized just listening to each and every single track on this exceptional album of yours. And I can truly say.. With all honesty. Girl you are going places...Massive thumps up from me... I look forward to hearing much more from you.. High quality, high class vocals, good determination and good lyrics. That are meaningful, poetic and thought provoking and great music that rounds it all of perfectly..