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by Tequila Mockingbird


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  • Published: Feb 10, 2010

Serving up a huge shot of genre-bending rock

Laura “Spunky” McGaughey

or Mark Mauldin, 303-981-2096 |

Wendy Clark, vocals and rhythm guitar
Daniel Paschke, lead guitar
Mark Mauldin, rhythm guitar & pedal steel
Rhett Haney, bass/backup vocals
Rob Cameron, drums/percussion

Tequila Mockingbird Music presents the third release from Tequila Mockingbird:

Release date Feb. 12, 2010

“Luck and Trouble gives the listener an album that showcases a variety of genres...all done impeccably”
Alicia Shuster, UCD Advocate

Genre-bending rock band Tequila Mockingbird are pleased to announce the release of their third album, Luck and Trouble, at the official CD release party on Friday, February 12, 2010 at the Toad Tavern in Littleton, Colo.

Produced by Bill Thomas, engineered by Rhett Haney and mastered by multi-GRAMMY-winning David Glasser of Airshow Mastering, Luck and Trouble is the band's first self-recorded album. "We wanted to record our third album using current technology to save money and have total creative control, which we acheived," says rhythm guitarist Mark Mauldin. "It's something totally organic we can call all our own. We did all the recording, mixing, photography and graphics layout."

With all the fun and challenges that come with a do-it-yourself recording, Tequila Mockingbird experienced their own highs and lows throughout the journey of bringing their own vision to life. They wrote all but one of the nine original songs, showcasing their maturity, strength and diversity as writers. By taking time to do things their way, they had the space and freedom to have fun, let their quirks run amok and bring out their best in each other through their own creative pace.

When the going got tough, "we had to remember that we are family," says vocalist Wendy Clark. "Staying emotionally connected to each other through the many equipment and technological failures was a challenging part of the recording process, but our relationship became very strong through it all."

The album's first single, "Actual Size," was written by singer-songwriter and award-winning filmmaker Eric Shiveley and debuted on the online radio station, Party on Saturday, December 5, 2009. Chris K. of the syndicated program, The Colorado Sound, also added the track to his rotation that same day. It's "the strongest testament yet of this longtime Denver band's ability to shake loose the branches of more sedentary, laid-back alternative roots-rock... and give Wendy Clark some serious credit here...she stands toe-to-toe with Chrissie Hynde in the 'chicks that really rock' department," he says.

Luck and Trouble sums up "how lucky we are to get in trouble together," says guitarist Daniel Paschke. It's also a crowning achievement in the band's decade-spanning career, setting up the seasoned professionals for their next big leap into defining who they are, where they've been and where they're going. It captures the intensity of a live Tequila Mockingbird show and continues the band's tradition of delivering 120-proof rock-and-roll, but on a more sophisticated level.

"Each album accurately represented who we were as individuals and as a band at that moment. And whether you are driving down the road in 1998 or 2010, a Tequila Mockingbird album still makes you want to open the throttle and take a ride," smiles Clark.

Recommended Tracks
Actual Size (track 2), Blue (track 1), Luck
and Trouble (track 3) and La Carta (track 8)


Luck and Trouble track listing
1. Blue (4:25)
2. Actual Size (3:34)
3. Luck and Trouble (4:07)
4. Consequence (4:14)
5. Everything’s Not Alright (4:49)
6. Distance (3:26)
7. Home (2:58)
8. La Carta (3:08)
9. Wrong? (2:25)

Total Running Time: 33:18

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Unique, Versatile.. Stylish, Clever & Fun, Upbeat, Real & Awesome

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Jun 10, 2010

Wow.. a cracker of superb sweet, compelling, joyously uplifting, sexy and sensual wholesome loving, heartfelt sincere, meaningful strong compelling, female voice from this lady singer. Thats just melts and glows within my brain as she sings. And resonates to perfect and pure satisfaction as well guaranteed. Great music that is stimulating, driven and emotionally empowering, thrilling and directional as well as the other sings voice is as well. As you hear also a guys voice. That is deep, distinctive and strongly different and great in comparison to the ladies.. Both sing, with such charisma and outstanding, pleasure as they both enjoy what they are doing. Performing. And that shows from hearing them both sing. I loved the drum beats, hypnotic, timed and groovy. And the guitars are arousing, electric and acoustic entertaining. And the songs vary from slight country, to even, rock and odd indie,pop type tracks. Unique, brilliant, fun and exciting. All rolled into one exceptional, high caliber album. Simply download, save, and cherish and enjoy. From start till end. Then over again.


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Oct 10, 2010

I'd been wondering if we would hear more from this band. Seeing this album up was one of the best moments of my day! Great tunes, lots of talent, biting wit, splendid guitar work, excellent drums and rhythms.. Oh heck, this is just a really great band, so listen to it, ok?

That's one reason for me to stay on jamendo

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May 10, 2010

Listening to your music i want to be on the highway - drivin' on and on. Sometimes you can find music like yours here on jamendo, that is outraging. I really want to hear more from you! Keep on drivin'!

Back to the roots!

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Oct 16, 2010

Unas buenas guitarras y unos buenos ritmos para una vuelta a las raíces.

Good album

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Jun 10, 2010

This is a very diverse collection of songs. Great vocals. The song "Acual Size" alone makes this a great free download. Don't miss this one.

Bon album

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Feb 10, 2011

great album !!! good music good song, good voice : everything is fine and great. In the continuation of Alien American, your music blossoms since the first album I'm happy all the more than I could download a version with more titles .... Thank you

A Great Album Here!

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Oct 20, 2010

Female singer sounds a little like Shakira. But I like that. The beginnings of the songs vary indeed. High quality sound over all. Thumbs up!

I love the voice

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Jun 10, 2010

and some of the songs are superb. I'll be watching on you.
Gaby Cardoso


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Feb 11, 2010

Really nice this album, of a high level. I liked everything but in special the guitars and the so nice female voice, sweet and also strong and rocker in some parts, perfect for each track. ´´Blue´´ es de mis favoritas, excelentes voces y melodías y la guitarra simplemente increíble. ´´Actual Size´´ más rockera esta buena, ´´Luck and Trouble´´ más folkrock es buenísima.´´Consequence´´ creo que es mi favorita del álbum, muy cool y muy buen estribillo con mucha fuerza, las segundas voces son muy buenas también.´´Distance´´ es muy enérgetica y muy buena la guitarra limpia punteando. Por ultimo ´´La Carta´´ me encantó, los vientos son muy buenos con el estilo más ska, las voces y acompañamientos, y la batería también se luce en ese. Cheers and all the best from Argentina!

Good album

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Oct 10, 2010

* Butt dances in his chair while he works with this in the background * There are a few technical issues but I would LOVE to see these folks live.