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About this album

  • Published: Oct 10, 2010



This album was originally made as a one hour long eletronica/ambient radio-show. But since it is impossible to upload one single track of one hour at Jamendo I have split it into 9 pieces here.

If you want to listen to the complete show instead, U can do so at

or at

All the best,,, n take care out there!!


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Nov 8, 2010

Congratulations! Perfect album! I cannot stop listen to it. 10/10. Regards -- c z a r o (vulturius)


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Oct 28, 2010

Had to wait for re-entry to be able to write anything at all about your album! Far Out! Perfectly Chilled! "I'm sorry Dave...I'm afraid I can't do that" or anything else at the moment...


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Oct 16, 2010

After the Water album was created the level of expectation for what could come next that could satisfy my thirst as songs such as 'Under Water' and 'At the loungerie' did. I was told this new Album 'On Why Dark Goes Orange' was '“colder” and more ambient' and it was that and more. Do I have a greater thirst for this Album over the last offering of 'Water'? Yes I think I do! This is a work that grows on you quickly. Favorite track : Bridger This album sounds like: This album is unique even within itself. Some of the riffs do remind me of 'Twin Eyes' by 'StrangeZero' but only for a few movements. There are small highlights of Jazz while keeping the ambient forum true. Do you like the cover/design of this album? Not a bad cover. Still I liked the Water album cover better but the girl on the cover of that album was breathtaking! How would this sound live? I would think awesome. Since this album is based on a live radio show I would say seeing Kammerer live would be a fantastic event to see.


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Jan 20, 2011

This is exactly the kind of stuff that gets you up and going again on your way home after a long hard day working. Perfectly crafted soundscapes, melodies from outa space and always something new to discover in the background. You know your stuff and you know it well. :-)

Amazing Beauty To Be Experianced, Felt & Seen..Submege Yourself Totally With...

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Oct 23, 2010

Made me think of a space craft deep in outer space. Traveling and exploring and looking around for anything of interest that takes the cruse fancy so to speak. On a gentle but relax course around the universe and planets. And then enter a Northern lights (Aurora Borealis) in outer space so to speak. They look out in total fascination and dream like state of euphoria and bliss at the spectacular light show that crossed the miles and galaxies and lights up the skies and universe all around them. The colours are amazing, mesmerizing and bright. Into the kaleidoscope of visions and images that flood the senses and takes you to new area and things you have never seen before or experienced at all in your life.

Perfectly chilly

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Dec 22, 2010



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Apr 4, 2012

The new zen master of chill! I love thow the muisc just flows. like watching cloudes slowly float buy!


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Oct 23, 2010

I had really liked "Me and My Submarine" you did for your Sir Agent Chill album. But with this one... I couldn't even get past the middle of the second song with out ripping my Klipsch ear buds out and playing this on my main system... It just demanded it! err what I'm trying to say is... Fan-Freaking-Tastic... you did everything right on this phenomenal album/show. Took me right back to the early heydays of Musical Starstreams... A show I dearly loved because of all the great talent, like yours, that Forest use to feature.

crazy smooth

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Nov 21, 2010

Man, Terex really knows how to do it! Crazy smooth blended with great tempo. This is super chill without ever turning new age. The brilliantly dispersed way down tempo sections consistently segues to nice subtle beat driven sections. The piece is beautiful when heard in the original continuous version.Thanks Terex.
Pyro MX

Very nice album

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Aug 1, 2011

I had this album in my favorites for a while now and I keep listening to it, especially when I have work to do or when I want to relax - I find the tracks well suited for background, non obstrusive ambience. The first track, "Edger", is my favorite (followed by the last track, "Darker"). The track is lengthy, but somehow doesn't sound repetitive. It gives me a "floating into space" kind of feeling. The track "Traveler" features more high-pitched notes - I sometimes skip it. For me, it kind of breaks the ambiance created by the other tracks. Overall, very nice album!