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by Marcus Rasseli


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About this album

  • Published: Oct 28, 2010

This album feature some ambient songs I made this year using basically free stuff. The album has a progressive mood and the composition WormHole is the most expressive of the album featuring lots of time changes.

The cover was done by myself, you can download the complete
version here:

My stuff to make this album were basically Titanic Sf2, DSK plugins and EpicVerb. I used the good piano samples from Soni Musicae in the last track, "The worms". Almost forget the sfz player by cakewalk.

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Good album

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Feb 11, 2010

I thought the album cover was clever! The music is delightful and the tunes seemed to be different enough from each other to give a slightly different feel with each track. Yet, all the music is ambient and relaxing .. . "Wormhole" was upbeat and lively with a happy traveling sound . . . I liked that one quite a bit. "conection toquio" had an Asian flavor and gave the sense of being in exotic places in a city with the bright lights dancing around you as you wandered on the streets in the night, looking at the sites, enjoying the people and the market places. And dreaming, this music gave plenty of room for daydreaming and took you places, in a gentle manner, kindly guiding you to different sights and thoughts . . . Very nice. - Wolfsong


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Oct 28, 2010

Hello from Italy. Music sounds pretty much ceremony well chosen and mixed so good. good going. greetings and best wishes for health and for music ciao da falcef.