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About this album

  • Published: Dec 18, 2010

This album began with the first track, 'Disappearing,' which I wrote in a hammock in the hot, sultry summer. I recorded it a few times, just for fun. Then layered the readings, added music and became intrigued.

Thus began an odyssey of readings, recordings. All tracks, except one, are with music of Jamendo musicians, to whom I am so grateful. Thank you, beautiful musicians! I love Jamendo!

An album of love poetry.

[Note: Due to a few requests to read the poems while listening to the recordings, I have created a 26 page pdf with the poems, comments, paintings and photographs to offer along with flac files in a small collector's edition. All proceeds from the sale of this item will go to Jamendo as a token of appreciation for the beautiful hosting and sharing site they have created.]


Disappearing: Brenda Clews, poetry, voice and mix; Matt Samolis, music, a section from: "Trio for Flute, Cymbals, & Glass": (with permission)

What Would I Write If I Could Write: for J.P. Brenda Clews, poetry, voice, mix; music, Roger Stephane, 'Lointain,' from his album, "Picasso": (with permission)

Drumbeat: Brenda Clews, poetry, voice, mix; music, Chriss Onac, track "TRANSE" from his album, TRIBAL: (with permission)

Glint: Soundtrack for my videopoem, Glint, which is also a videopoem at YouTube: Backgound music is "Madrox, in my head," by Arena of Electronic Music, a Creative Commons license: (with permission from his band administrator)

Hieroglyphic of Purple Lotuses: Brenda Clews, poetry, voice, mix; music, Ka eN, "Oriental Dreams": (with permission)

Starfire in the Night: Brenda Clews, poetry, voice, mix; music, Frank Harper's 'Moon's Eve,' from "Fingerstyle - Set 1": (with permission)

What Is Underground Is What Holds Us: Brenda Clews, poetry, voice, mix; music, LaiYouttitham's song, "Alone," from his site: (with permission)

Salt of the Sea: Brenda Clews, poetry, voice, mix; music, Livio Amato's, 'Dream Opening,' from his album, "Sensitivity": (with permission)

My Body Is A Word: for I.B. Brenda Clews, poetry, voice, mix; music, Lena Selyanina's piano solo, 'Summer Morning,' from "Snowstorm Romance": (with permission)

Veils To Clothe Venus: Brenda Clews, poetry, reading, mix; music, Buz Hendricks, music: (with permission - a section of a track he created for the Venus Suite of Poems - a track at Jamendo).

Ink Ocean: Brenda Clews, poetry, reading, mix; music (mixed by me), Alphacore, 'side_project,' from "Side Project":, and Extra's, 'The Quickest Vessel to a Distant Future,' from "Water Every Full Moon": (with permissions)

My preferred version of Ink Ocean, the newer one, is in my Brenda:SinglePoems band page: Ink Ocean, Version2.


With special thanks to Robert A. for his invaluable advice on recording. And to Big Tent for a poetry community that helped inspire some of the writing.

Starfire album cover is a painting of mine.

I composed the html in a blog post, and left the icon links to each page of my Art & Writings website below:

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(cc) Some Rights Reserved - Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike CC BY-NC-SA

You can copy, distribute, advertise and play this album as long as you:

  • Give credit to the artist
  • Don't use this album for commercial purposes
  • Distribute all derivative works under the same license

Reviews for "Starfire"

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Awesome Spoken Word !!

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May 1, 2011

Brenda this is an incredible piece of work ! From the first piece Disappearing, i was captivated. The layering and effects of your voice are so powerful and fit so well to each piece of music you chose. I love the primitive feel of Drumbeat and the dark tones of Glynt amd Ink Oceon is a masterpiece of emotion and creativity. Excellent work !!


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Dec 20, 2010

Palabras al ritmo del corazón que reflejan la inmensidad de la autora, donde expresa el amor con ternura convirtiendo el sentimiento en poesía, con su cautivadora y expresiva voz. Hecho de menos que no estén publicados los textos, los cuales enriquecerían más este fabuloso álbum. Mi más enhorabuena Brenda por este maravilloso trabajo, donde me gustaría destacar “What would I write if I could write” y “Drumbeat”.


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Dec 22, 2010

Exceptional, Brenda . .. you did yourself proud . .. sharing strong emotions, sensitivities and feelings; reaching into that deepest parts of our souls . . . drawing out that longing for communication and understanding through your poetry and choices of music and the projection of your vocal readings.. .. "Drumbeat" was stunning in its powerful expressions . . . dragging us into the steaming, mysterious heartbeat of the human chest . . . a jungle of longing and emotion, fear and wonder . . . the innervation of humanity . . . "Glint" was another that was astonishingly moving . . . sensitive and fraught with harrowing feelings and vocal inflections along with the instrumental sounds . . . extraordinary! I also loved the beauty and awe of "Starfire in the Night" and also the meaningful and ambiguous "Salt of the Sea." And I loved all your other poems, sharing the interpretations of the feelings and thoughts that are part of what makes up Brenda Clews . . . touching our souls and hearts with your artistic expressions . . . Thank you for sharing your excellent album . . . - Wolfsong