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by Nelson Jenstad


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About this album

  • Published: Sep 3, 2011

Dedicated to the people of Japan. This album was released exclusively with Jamendo March 9th 2011. Japan was rocked by a great earthquake on March 11, 2011. I offer my most sincere wishes for recovery to all who are affected by this event. Thank You.

~ Like winter holidays spending time alone, memories of that special person, that special time. Tracks 1 and 6 are like piano solo bookends of this soft, cool-jazz style collection. All tracks were mastered to about -5.6 db and not maxed out intentionally to keep levels more ambient. Please enjoy these musical sketches.

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Reviews for "Upon A Time"

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Sonic Mystery

Fantastic cool jazz

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Oct 4, 2011

I am impressed with your gemtle, smooth and sensible music performance! Two thumbs up for you! Really great feeling! Thank you for sharing this beauty with me!

Peacefully Beautiful!

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Oct 3, 2011

These were very nice, cool jazz songs . . . took me back through my jazz days and gave me that happy bubble in my chest that good jazz always gave me . . . This was very quiet jazz, with a strong and well paced piano and nicely controlled brush drums predominating, but mostly it was the quiet that led . . Sentimental, melancholy and hopeful . . . with tears in my eyes . .. I look up and see the clouds part . . . and with a little bit of blue sky looking down at me, I am reminded that while I am left alone with my memories; at least I still have them . . . Both the piano end bits were so peaceful and lovely with calming white spaces that punctuated the emotions of the whole album . . . - M^^W -

I Adore You.......But You....Do Not Even Know......

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Apr 5, 2011

There you go again.. your...sweet,small,dainty and innocent as could be..and a geisha that....pretty as could be..My heart burst from within..with feelings of instantly being in love with you..again...As I looked upon your lovely cute and endearing face..and that big endearing catchy smile of yours....But you didnt notice me...or even see you walking by..I was now 22years of age..And I simply adored and loved you...from a child and a teeneager...growing up...and I still remember you...when we both grew up in..And you left the village....and I followed you to where I found out.. You where a geisha girl..But still from a distants...I still love and adored you so.. Hearttouching. heartfelt...and heart yearning.. romantic.poinjant and passion.. dreamy..jazzy,instrumental. soul music..Played to perfection..and felt with affection and make you sigh and even shed a tear for him and her.. Charming and romantic..passionate and heartfelt piano..jazz,instrumenal music..That touches the inner core and sentiments of the magically..soothing and profoundly..bewitching and effortlessly at that..
Zaharov Valery

Very good album!

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Jul 12, 2011

Relaxing and smooth!!! Best reamedy from anger!
lele rambelli


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Jul 8, 2011

Questa è veramente la musica più adatta per sognare al chiar di luna! Atmosfere inconsuete e suggestive che catturano l' ascoltatore fin da subito, grazie alla magia creata dal piano... Da ascoltare e scaricare!

Excellent Cool Jazz

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Apr 5, 2011

This soothing night time listening, cool-jazz is so tender and emotional . . . a little blue but definitely calming . . . This is great stuff to play in a night club or at home in an evening when you are looking for a way to relax and have music to keep you company . . . and understand and sympathize with your mood . . Nelson plays perfectly on his piano and the added accompaniments are part of these excellent compositions . . . This is a beautiful album . . . Definitely worth adding to a play-list.