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by Fallback

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  • Published: Aug 4, 2011


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A Great Balance Between Steady and Unpredictable . . .

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Jun 17, 2011

Ha . . . this was unique . .. quite tribal as the bongos and other percussion were fundamental in this piece . . . building and maintaining a strong foundation . . like an unmoving and steady pole around which a large and wild and unpredictable bird raced . . . whistling and punctuating the beat with an attracting focus that was . .. . very balanced . . . I actually thought this was quite magical and mesmerizing . . . I think its a great party song . . . and definitely a lot of fun . . . bringing a good healthy balance to your life after an endless day of work and you just want to hear a good tune . . . well here it is along with its reviving powers . .. (lots of foot tapping comes with the music) . . its also relaxing as the sort of listen that gives you vivid mental images . . .