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by Professor Kliq


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About this album

  • Published: May 8, 2011

 These are all the tracks that I composed for the soundtrack to "Athene's Theory of Everything". Some of the material was used, some of it wasn't, but this is the collection of everything I recorded and programmed.

I'd like to thank both Athene (Chiren) and Reese (Reese), from the bottom of my heart, for giving me the opportunity to work with them on such a brilliant and forward thinking project. It's been a dream of mine to compose music for something that I honestly and truly believed in, and they've definitely made that come true.

The exposure that's come from this documentary and my work with them has been absolutely priceless, and I thank them for that as well.

This is my first stab at an almost completely ambient body of work. I've spent a great deal of time listening to ambient and minimal electronic music over the years, especially names like Aphex Twin and Plastikman. I've always wanted an excuse to participate in that realm of electronic music - and what better way than to do a score for a documentary about neuroscience.

This entire body of work is dedicated to Athene and especially Reese for the superb level of communication and the sincerely good vibes that came from the entire project. I've been spoiled by them on this project and I'll remember it always.

Thank you, Reese and Athene. Thank you, listener.

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Reviews for "Athene's Theory of Everything: The Original Soundtrack"

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Harmoniously Graceful....& Gracious....Peaceful...Tranquil ...& So Stress Free...Medaitive.... Zen Like Soundscapes...Of Awe..

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May 20, 2011

Their is a pure..clear precise delightful compositions of high and extremely rewarding... soundscapes of ambient-al, harmonious music..That is surreal..profound..majestic and gracefully soothing..and well as being unique...creative...comfortable..and wonderfully relaxing and stress free beyond you travel into new and untouched universes..... into nothing..and quietness...that is profound..laid back....and silent....and still.

Good album

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May 29, 2011

The last two tracks have the best sound. I was hoping for something similar to the previous albums, but this is something totally different. When I started this review I was going to give it a six because I was narrow-minded and didn't read the summary of the album. The music fits it's purpose very well after I watched part of the documentary. The only issue I have with this album is that I can't listen to it in my car during my morning drive to work. Relaxing ambient music could easily put a driver(Me) to sleep. I always imagined brain music being a little more energetic, but I suppose it doesn't matter when it's lined up next to space music. Movies and games use ambient music to depict space which happens to house the most destructive things imaginable. Why are chickens so delicious?

[album culte] sans voix...

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Jul 2, 2011

Un album éblouissant, où on sent l'épanouissement de l'artiste qui s'est complètement retrouvé dans un projet qui l'a presque transfiguré... Une œuvre majeure ! Bravo et merci :D (A retrouver sur - Blog indépendant)


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Jan 14, 2012

I can't say I'm a big fan of the video itself but the music was absolutely excellent.
Rubbel die Katz


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May 11, 2011

a soundtrack: calm, minimalistic - seems transparent, sophisticated - after some minutes it brings something inside me in resonance - mystical! haven't seen the documentary yet, but i cannot imagine that it will be more inspiring than this :)

Another great achievement from "le professeur clique"

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Sep 14, 2011

Definitely, Professor Kliq is still around to spread the good music out there and what could sound inexpressive because electronic turns into an explosion of feelings. Thanks to that great album, to listen absotlutely and even more if you are a paraglider.

Si può ascoltare

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Oct 21, 2011

bel graffio bella la melodia, complimenti

Good album

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May 15, 2011

Great ambient album.

Good album

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Jun 25, 2011

Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally nice and calm and harmonic!! :3
Tom Shannon


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Aug 9, 2011

You Sir, are a real find. I love your music and love what you stand for. Incredible music--for free. Keep on Keepin' on and do what you do best.