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by Anitek


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About this album

  • Published: Jun 28, 2011

Mastered By Winchell Productions

"Practical Use" - Evan Straley on the Mandolin

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Reviews for "The Substance Affair"

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Jun 28, 2011

this is one sick long player... from the first track right through to the last... full of flava's, phat beat's & lower frequencies...

Ruhe und leicht entschweben

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Jul 8, 2011

Für mich Chillout nahezu in Perfektion.

Come Into My World...Relax..Enjoy & Spend Awhile..Bathing Inside Goodness..Love..Hope..Desires & Dreams...Trip Hop Spectacular...

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Jul 1, 2011

Amazing surround sounds of classy and stylish...flavours of wet and sexy....tight and passionate, sincere, honest and and horny..humid...soul filled...lounge..drumnbass..sweet and divine...fulfilling..positive mood setting music... That is articulate...compelling..and a very rewarding soul filled bluesy..rocky..album in general...that is has trumpet solos.. amazing,cool,electric bass guitar riffs and drumbeats. good use of vocals at times and snips and snatches of sights wonderful sounds...that are hypnotic, tribal and worldly other times..

Absolutely wonderful well thought out blend of instrumentation sounds and trip hop beats .

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Aug 13, 2011

Impressive BIO BTW . The knowledge of such a diverse range of instruments ,has obviously given your music a presence ,sound and edge that many other works by other artists in this field lack . While I am not absolutely taken by every single track , there are no tracks on this album that I dislike. Personally I think Track 1 "Tale of the Elegance" is the best track on this album . I also think it is a work of brilliance. The textures in that song are incredible . And the use of scratch as a focus for the crescendo was as near to perfection as I have heard Track 2 " First Contact " was a let down after hearing track 1 I like it but not anywhere near as much... I think it is the weakest track on this LP Track 3 East Rain is definitely heading in the right direction . The use of an Eastern theme mixed in with Trip hop is a wonderful concept. Sort of a "Where East meets West" song . Track 4 "The Better Kids" Has a nice mix of textures,sounds and beat. Love the scratch . Track 5 "Supervisor Crew" has a wonderful melody and mix of beats . The Sax sounds oh so nice ... This track could have been used for " Blade Runner". Track 6 "Practical Use" is interesting with that Big beat and the Mandolin. Track 7 "Sleepless Nights " is a nice Jazzy tune , Kind of short though. Track 8 "Visa Race" Is a nice blend . The mix of instrumentation used throughout this song is very nice. Track 9 Very very nice ! And a wonderful way to close an album : ) Peace

amazing tunes!

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Jul 8, 2011

great songs
On The Mission From God

i think it's time for you to evolve over this ''hip-hop'' based beats & try something more complexed

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Jul 3, 2011

diza 01


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Jul 19, 2011


Bon album

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Aug 19, 2011

Nice work ;) I do some wallpapers, distribute some images and I don't know what people do or think of my work. What I did with your work, I put sound on my video (for the ends credits) : Thanks for your work !


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Jul 5, 2011

Screaming Field


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Oct 27, 2011