playlist artwork#12 this weekEllipsis III: Tundra.Ambient.Dreams. vol.3

by Tunguska Electronic Music Society

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About this album

  • Published: Jun 7, 2011

Catalog#: TUN 024DD
Compilation: Tunguska EMS & Denis Shkanov (Darg Sodrag)
Mastering: Artem Dragunov & TC6000
Artwork: Denis Shkanov (Darg Sodrag)

(cc) Some Rights Reserved - Attribution-NoDerivs CC BY-ND

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Reviews for "Ellipsis III: Tundra.Ambient.Dreams. vol.3"

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Mind Blowingly Amazing... Hypnotic, Trance Like Drone. Electronic, Theatrical Day Dreams. Night Dreams.. UFO Moments & So Much More...

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Dec 7, 2011

In a far of planet... in a far of world..way beyond our normal,solar system and Universe and present of human life force.....their is a drone... and a rumble of machinery and human quietness..that is profound. thick and un filled..and sleepy even.. to the human ear..and you are drawn into the nonchalant vibes and atmospheres of it all... Until it suddenly starts.. to burst into life...more...and more..and coming wide awake.. Your senses are heighten with the remarkable choir of noises..that light up inside your minds eye..and hearing...and make you pay attention more and more to this humdrum of sights and sounds..that are hypnotic, casual, interesting and compelling...and as quickly as it started it slowly starts to wind down again....and rest and stop.... The winds of time are blowing in from the South...and the drone of the space craft comes into my hearing...I hear the electronic pitches and tones of the craft...being directed towards my position here on earth..I become aware of the blizzard that is in front of my naked eyes...and wonder how on hell...can this be happening to me...and us on earth.. Then suddenly from no where...the snow blizzard stops..and the almighty space craft..that is the size of two major football stadiums parks in front of me....I suddenly hear this Russian voice.. speak to me..From a loud tannoy..and my mind goes blank.. Next I am woken up..inside this craft...with a ethnic theme tune...and then suddenly the monsters from the dark..appear before me...and try to communicate with thoughts and pictures...and I suddenly become very sleepy...and enter into a state of unconscious. that is profound..majestic, ethereal. spooky and even scarey..


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Jul 21, 2011

красота ;)
Max Loginov


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Jul 7, 2011

very nice music !!


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Jul 29, 2011

Замечательная компиляция!Как в тундру соберусь,так в плеер обязательно закачаю!

Buen álbum

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Oct 8, 2011



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Dec 7, 2011

Une très belle réunion d'artistes aussi divers que variés, qui nous embraquent, à tour de rôle, dans un fabuleux voyage onirique et planant, au delà de notre propre conscience.


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Jul 27, 2011

Люблю заныривать в пучины неизведанных волновых рифов!Молодцы ребята! И конечно понравился более качественный подход и эксперименты.


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Mar 9, 2011

very god music
Darg Sodrag

Another world

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Jul 13, 2011

Welcome to the world of dreams...