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by Art Owens


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About this album

  • Published: Aug 23, 2011

I try to make a album where you  can have a seat or git up and dance.

Sometime you just would like to have a seat and tap your  feet and drink some wine and chillout.

Then sometime you git up and walk to the kitchen to git some more wine, on the way there you are danceing.


People who stop by and listen.


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Reviews for "Space Rhythm"

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Awesome Jazzy-Chill

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Aug 23, 2011

Wow . . . nice jazzy stuff . . . danceable and relaxable . . . gorgeous . . . how do you manage to find that perfect balance of jazzy-chill . . . ? I could listen to this all night and never tire of the same songs . .. so mellow . .. a perfect addition to a jazz playlist . . . "Dark Matter" gave me chills with those drums . . . that settled right behind my wings . . . a sedate pace here . . . that drove the melody home . . nearly gothic except with that bright sparkle of brass flashing throughout . .. like starlight finding its way . .. through the darkness . . .

très Bon album

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Aug 28, 2011

un jazz à écouter en fermant les yeux, il vous envahi et vous berce, que du bonheur, merci

sounds fresh and dynamic

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Aug 26, 2011

Good album sounds fresh and dynamic flowing between rock and jazz fusion.

The difference....

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Aug 28, 2011

on this production is the very creative sound image! Cool, balanced, pleasant sound between chillout and jazzfusion! So I like this kind of music anyway, and would fit well as background music in a lounge bar! Listen in any case because it's worth it. Good job I like. Friendly C.J.

Gutes Album

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Sep 15, 2011