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Album Earthbound by Jill Zimmerman

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Found a feather on the ground
Picked it up, waved it around
Thought I had all I needed to fly
Realized soon enough that wings are awfully complex things
and to the birds conceded the sky

Still I sometimes gaze at the clouds above
And I feel the rays of a distant sun
And I can't escape so I curse my fate
to be earthbound

Walked, head down, along the street
Every day unknowingly passed by many a kindred soul
Rarely looked them in the eye
Became content with "I'm too shy"
and left our stories untold

And I know I'm living in a box I built
and if I don't release myself, well no one will
But the lid is heavy and the walls protect me
while I'm earthbound

Maybe it's not gravity that's the real tragedy
Maybe it is only me selling myself short
I placed the blame on outside forces
and ignored my own resources
mourned the loss of what's above me
failed to see what was right in front of me
Maybe my feet have a purpose on the ground
Maybe there's a reason that for now,
I'm earthbound
I'm earthbound

There's so much to learn
There's so much to love
I don't need to hide away
or fly away, no

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