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Update:  June, 2013

We are now working on a new album and will be uploading it to Jamendo by the end of the summer or sooner.   We have a whole new sound so stay tuned.  Check our facebook for further updates.  Thanks y'all!

Update: Sept, 2010 

    We are actualy very happy Jamendo accurately updated their top 100.  Now other artists have a chance of getting the exposure and fans when we were up there for the past two years.



    Boston to Austin transplants, Julie and Andrew began writing songs together in early 2008.  Following their move to Texas, melodies and lyrics started popping into Julie's head.  She began filling up her time writing songs and playing guitar.  Andrew had been playing in bands for over a decade and was instantly inspired to create music to complement her vision.  The two spent most of their time building the songs together and recording them at home.  

    After recording their first songs, they decided to put them on Jamendo, a free music website where it only took a few months before their songs were used for streaming internet radio, documentary and short film projects, commercial websites, YouTube videos, as well as background music for over 300 public places throughout Europe and even one television commercial pilot.  Their song "Crazy As" remains in the top 15 out of over 200,000 songs on the website.

    Realizing the fans they generated throughout Europe and now in the United States, it was time to get a band together.  Keyboardist Katherine Courtney, native Austinite, joined the band in 2009 adding the sound the Julandrew Band needed.  They now play select shows around the Austin area while concentrating on their sound.

    Julie is known for her straight forward singing melodies, style, and diction, swooning listeners into her point of view and her inner self.  Andrew's no frills instrumentation is a perfect combination and hits home with Julie's musical intentions.  Julandrew's quirk-pop style is derived from a lifetime of love of music, from the A&M records days to today's indie rock movement, resulting in a sound all their own. 


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