The Sway

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WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE is out on 01/08/2011 via download sites  across the world ,  , (search keywords Sway, Album, When Worlds Collide).


The world needs a 'Man Band'!

The Sway, born out of North London suburbia in the late 1980's were a damn fine band but back in those days, it was very much pot luck. You had to be in the right place, at the right time and like many, despite success on a small scale, we went relatively unnoticed by the larger population. It could have been so different, if, as legend has it, Creation Records had pl
umped for us over Oasis.

But now The Sway are back. Older, wiser and ultimately, better.

These days, 'the right place' is the internet and we would like you to embrace the concept that, shall we say, more mature persons, can present new, invigorating, dynamic and emotional music to the world and make a roaring success of it.

Now you may say that bands, much much older than us in terms of age, release records and are highly successful. Take U2. Written off after virtually every album since The Joshua Tree, yet still the biggest band in the world 25 years later. Take The Rolling Stones. Haven't had a number one single since the 60's. Written off over 30 years ago, yet still they fill stadiums across the globe.

But the advantage those bands have over one such as ours, is momentum and history (and not least, finances).

The Sway, have history (look us up) but to all intents and purposes,we are starting from scratch. We have financed this album ourselves. We have set up our own record label. We have taken a year to record it, as we all have 'proper' jobs, families and responsibilites, which have impacted on rehearsal time and opportunities to get into the recording studio. It has been hard, hard work but it's all been worth it. Of course i'm biased but the album is fantastic.

We hope this record appeals to the young and the more mature, alike. The record industry is agist, favouring bland X Factor bollocks over real music. There is little chance a major label would take a punt on us due to the fact we ain't as young as we once were. Screw them! I hope we can show together that great music has no boundaries, across age, gender, race or religion.

And this record is for everyone but especially for the teenagers and early twenty somethings of the late 80's and early 90's, because we were you and you were us.

Now the internet is our oyster.

The album will be released in August 2011 in digital download form.

With your help, we can make this album massive.

Please support us.

The time for The Sway, is now!'



Read more about The Sway here

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