Jak Noble

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Jak Noble is a soundtrack composer from Bristol, England. He is currently looking for employment from any video game companies who are willing to take him on.

Jak is a student in Bristol, England. He has been writing and composing his own music since 2004, originally for the pop-punk band Lentil. In 2005 he began to work on his own material, which was predominately Heavy Rock music, tapping into Metal and Trance upon occasions.

In October 2006, Jak took up rhythm guitar for the local Thrash Metal band Anathematize consisting of close friends of his. After losing various singers, Jak assumed the position of front man as well as second guitarist. The band played a number of shows in Bristol and Bath before breaking up in the summer of 2008. It was around this time when Jak rediscovered some old scripts for an RPG game that him and a friend had created entitled ‘Gene Swords’. For fun, Jak composed and recorded 5 tracks for the soundtrack of the game, which can be seen here.

In December 2008 Jak won Ultimate-Guitar.com’s Simple Plan contest for the best metal cover of Simple Plan’s ‘Your Love is a Lie’.

After a small film production company that Jak was running had one of its videos banned from YouTube due to use of copyrighted audio, Jak decided that he would write all of the soundtrack music for the company’s further films. In January 2009, Jak composed and recorded the soundtrack for ‘The Outsiders’. The 9-track album featured a song entitled ‘Aliems’ , a new song by Jak’s band Lentil, as well as an acoustic version of the same track.

In April 2009 Jak composed and recorded the 10-track soundtrack to ‘The Adventures of Tom IV’. George Noble featured on the song ‘Fight ‘Til Ya Win’ and the song ‘Voices’ was taken from Lentil’s recently released ‘Haunted Sandwich: Re-Remastered’ and used as the theme for the film.

Jak’s solo project is still running under the name Returning We Hear the Larks. He is currently working on a progressive concept album based around the First World War.

Jak uses F.L. Studio 8 and records in MAGIX Audio Studio 11 and Samplitude Music Studio 14.

[Source: Jak Noble's Last.fm page]

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