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ZINO is a world music band formed in Japan in the summer of 2006.
It's a trio adding sometimes a female voice and a tambura, which is a drone 4 strings Indian classical instrument.
The musicians are: Carlos Guerra (bansuri - the Indian classical bamboo flute) / Junji 'Scansoul' Shishino (guitar)/ Takuya Abe (drums & percussions) & Tokuko Nakamura (voice & tambura).
ZINO music is created by combining the musical ideas of Indian Ragas and the western harmony. The result is a kind of ambient acoustic & improvised groove music, leading to a relaxing and mystical atmosphere to communicate with the listeners.
We did the live recording at a house in the forests, in front of Mt Fuji in Japan. We were very happy to be there, being inspired by the Holy Mountain.
Later we chose the good tracks only, with no post-digital adding.
Thanks for listening.
Zino Records

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