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echovolt photo

 The band was formed under the name ECHOVOLT in July 2002 by the Andrade brothers in Chiclana de la Frontera, CA (Spain). After two months Echovolt decided to bring out their own songs and recorded their first demo tape entitled "ECHOVOLT". However, it was not until the beginning of 2003 when the group travelled to New York for an interview with J.W Johnson, Senior Director of Publications and Public Relations at B.M.I. in U.S.A., after Johnson showed an interest in the band's work. Following some advice given by B.M.I., Echovolt readied themselves to record their first album which was produced by English Sound Engineer Colin Preston who had previously recorded the band's second EP "Infected". At the end of 2009 the band released their debut album "In Control" which was distributed by “Santo Grial Records”. The L.P. has gained a wealth of positive reviews praising the work of the group, highlighting the quality and freshness of their songs.

After an extensive tour of Spain and France lasting two years, the band has released their new album “Odds on the Underdog” in April 2013 under the record label “Zyon Records”. This new work is also produced by Colin Preston and Pinsho Andrade, and mixed by Jacobo Fernandez. Echovolt has already presented their new album in an exclusive tour in the main cities of Spain as Seville, Cadiz and Madrid, achieving the best possible critics from specialized media. It is available on iTunes, Spotify and other digital platforms.




The group is linked to extreme sports; Echovolt's songs are used as soundtracks in videos of worldwide sport stars like Carlos Campano (Motocross Mx3 World Champion 2010) and Alex Pastor (PRKAVice World Champion 2010). Echovolt's music has also been used on the opening sequence of the American online series Graveyard Carz (

Echovolt has released two videoclips for their upcoming album that will hit stores at the beginning of 2013. Songs like “Underdog” and “Watching and waiting” are representative of the power of the band but nothing compares to see them live.

 “Watching and waiting”:



Right now Echovolt is powered by ION Essentials Internacional and North Kiteboarding International, extreme Sports equipment and apparel brands. They are also image of these brands in their international catalogues. Echovolt is also collaborating with Red Bull as an “Artist Friend” playing live in extreme sports events that they sponsor in Spain.

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