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Data COllaborate is producing since 2010, Most of the time the last 2 years, tried to found what is his now his style,
in the past years many things had passed his years, emotions and moments changed many styles.

Producing: Minimal, Techno, Tech-House, Experimental Sounds, Dub-Electronic, Ambient, Chill-Out, House, Hip-Hop and some more!

Since Summer 2013, Data Collaborate is working with Hideyoshi, Upwellings, MSoundTech, Quenty, and many more artist as Remixes!

Now with [Spike Recordings] as label signed first, Minimal-Techno has taken up his Producing and DJ-Style!

Infos about Data Collaborate: Producing since 2008 as DJ Visionhouse, but changed because the name wasnt really comfortable, so in 2010 was Data Collaborate born,
but the Chillhouse, is in such many tracks, and is taken up with Harmony into Minimal, so its normally called for Data Collaborate "Minimal-Chilltekk";he is calling up into!

He grown up with Acid-House, Electro-Pop, 80s-Dance, and EuroDance, but Techno start with the Rave-Culture .. was the bringer to Producing self some some Tracks!

From now on more infos and dates will come.. [Soon]

Working with Labels:

Spike Recordings [All styles of Minimal]


Remixes for Artists:


Keep loving Data Collaborate on:

(For infos and dates or Free Sounds)

(and for music/mixes or free samples)

(On Soundcloud are free Remixes and Jamendo all old good Albums and singles for free Promotion)

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