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Acerca de este álbum

  • Publicado el: 17/01/2012

All Songs are Traditional English/Irish/Scottish/Welsh and most of them are more than two hundred Years old and they are so brillant written and composed.
I want to honor these worldwide famous Songs with my orchestral Arrangement and Song Structures.
There are so many variations of them.
Now you can hear mine.

I hope you like my atmospheric Interpretations.


  • celtic harp
  • acoustic guitars
  • piano
  • harpsichord
  • church organ
  • oboe
  • alto flute
  • strings
  • choir
  • percussions
(cc) Some Rights Reserved - Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike CC BY-NC-SA

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Cellophane music

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It sounds like the author downloaded MID files and added his virtual instruments to them. Thanks for having decent libraries at least. As one who values Irish music and plays it on REAL instruments I can testify that this compilation has nothing to do with what authentic Irish music stands for. Where's the spirit, the fire, the plasticity? I'm sorry, captain, midi music can work out pretty well with other styles but not with folk music. It takes life out of it, replacing delicate beauty with dull appearance of a genderless plastic mannequin.

Es extraordinario

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Pista : greensleeves

Me transporta a un estado de paz y sosiego. Simplemente es magnífico

A magical call of the purest of delights.

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Despite a very special appetence for this kind of traditional music, my capacity of analyses in the specialty, is very restricted, however the strong impression it exerts, compels me at least, to the effort of a recognition. In fact, just like if of a spell or an enchantment it were, these modern adaptations and arrangements of ancient traditional songs, can take us off our actual reality and carry us in time and space, to a sort of a fairy tale world, where only our imagination is the limit. Not strictly because they're ancient... and securely not particularly because of the actual arrangements and production... but also because of them. What I mean, is that if the spirit is there and the enchantment still prevails, then, the work, is most certainly more than well done.

Excellent album de musique celtique !

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Ca fait du bien aux oreilles. Merci pour la recommandation !


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Hummmmm, le celtic est mon chocolat musical. Dès les premières notes, je suis comme les petites fées qui dansent dans la Lande (enfin pour moi ça sera sur ma chaise) :) Merci à Pierre-Marie C. de l'avoir posté sur le mur de facebook Jamendo community, sans quoi, je serais peut-être passée à côté de ce superbe album bien trop court.


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Klasse Album von Künstlern - ein Ohrenschmaus und alles tanzt

Prawie doskonały

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Technicznie bez zarzutu, utrzymana w klimacie. Przyjemnie posłuchać.

Хороший альбом

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Bon album

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superbe voyage en terre celtique.