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por JT Bruce


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Acerca de este álbum

  • Publicado el: 20/03/2006
Anomalous Material is the first full-length album by JT Bruce. This progressive rock album consists of 16 songs, most of which are instrumental. Lush, dynamic compositions with a wide range of moods, tones, and atmospheres make up the bulk of this work and will appeal to fans of progressive rock and progressive metal alike. The heavily layered and technical guitar work coupled with rhythmically complex drumming works together with carefully orchestrated synthesizer to create a very unique listening expirence.
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Attention, ya que du bon!

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BRAVO! Superbes compos pour cet album! On voit qu'il y a un réel travail derrière! Ca change de tous ces pseudo groupes de métal amateur qui ne font que gueuler derrière une ligne de basse et une mélodie innexitante! Juste un petit regret de ne pas avoir entendu plus les voix, mais bon, c'est leur style!

Super bon son !

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Ce son là il vous porte ! Un côté vieux rock pur à la Deep Purple plus du son moderne hyper rythmé, passant du mélancolique au hard en une seconde !

Good album

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Cracking stuff!!!

Anomalous in perfection.

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A personal opinion is exactly that and no more. I think this album in quality terms is quite similar to "The Dreamer's Paradox" but overall somewhat less consistent. What I mean is that despite liking them all, some of the tracks fall more intensely in my musical preferences. As an example, I simply can't listen to Drempt without repeating it. Because overall I think the quality is similar, despite my personal likings, I believe this album is as good as "The Dreamers Paradox" album and deserves the same qualification. Again, an interesting cover.

great debut

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This is a fantastic album. Anyone who likes rock music will love it and there is the flavour of a great many bands in this guys music. Just awesome!

progressive rockstar

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A really good progressive rock album. I`m not totally familiar with this kind of music, but felt reminded of artists like Dream Theater, Rush and others. This album is instrumental, except for one of the tracks with some singing (not too great). All in All, I was really surprised how good it is. Well played guitar, nice tunes and arrangements and a good production. Definitely worth downloading and listening to :)