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Acerca de este álbum

  • Publicado el: 7/7/2008

Dinner for one

A 10-track album with some of the finest songs in acoustic rock-music. It starts with the smart-ass riff based 'Dinner for One' with its bombastic finish and one of the best end-screams of music history. This song is followed by the slightly engrossed 'Haiku' with a mosh-part you wouldn't think an acoustic guitar is capable of. The next song, 'Amity We Should Give' with its melodic intro brings you down again and the smooth rhythm of the chorus gives you a feeling of lightness. Without going into detail about the following songs, it can be safely said that there are some real pearls of acoustic rock amongst them. Everyone will find some more songs to fall in love with on the album. The closer, 'Touching your Breath', finally is a real pleasure for your ears and your mind. It gives the album a warm ending and a feeling of coming home.

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Wunderbare Kompositionen

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Ich muss schon sagen: Fortuna hat mich wohl zu diesem Album und zu diesen Künstlern geführt, durch eine Freundschaftsfrage ihrerseits. Wieso ich angefragt wurde, weiss ich nicht. War auch lange inaktiv bei Jamendo, bis jetzt eben. Seit ich das Album hier entdeckt habe, bin ich wieder richtig begeistert von dieser Plattform. Eben wegen diesem Album. Klasse Songs, wunderbare Kompositionen und der Gesamteindruck knallen wirklich! Der Opener hat mich vom ersten Hören in seinen Bann gezogen, alles was nacher kommt ist ebenfalls sehr gut (wenn nicht sogar hervorragend!). Den Gesang finde ich übrigens klasse! Also, danke an die Band für die Freundschaftsanfrage - diese wird so lange bestehen bleiben!

Very Good!

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You are the best! Get more!


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Super geniales Album. Echt empfehlenswert!


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I stumpled over this and found it superb! the style of the band seems pretty new to me. it reminds me a bit of V.A.S.T or A Perfect Circle, still the album has a very own mood and is rather emotional the metal influence is clearly there and some songs are very 'rough'. this makes it very authentic to me and is a nice alternation from most contemporary rock albums that are often a bit synthetic and 'sterile'. and the video to 'Dinner for One' - it is funny and it is great


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Tu cancion TOUCHING YOUR BREATH está en: Gracias por compartir...

Bon album

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Belle surprise, le mariage du métal et de l'acoustique donne un ton chaud aux morceaux, du coup, c'est du métal qui pourra plaire aux plus réfractaires (Le final de "Relegate the judge" est excellent !). Et le mariage masculin/féminin des deux voix ajoute à la qualité des morceaux ! Bref, du bon métal, je vais vous le passer sur White Fox Radio (


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Artists are showing restraint on accoustic. You can tell they want to bust loose and kick the wall in...but they won't because it doesn't serve the album's goal. Nice use of power, melody, and mixing. Guaranteed smile from downloading this one. Relegate The Judge has those cool Eastern beats and harmonies, making this my favorite track. Nice work!

Gutes Album

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Nicht ganz meine Richtung aber zwischendurch geill für mich.


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Excelente forma de darle poder a un sonido acustico sin sonar al tipico unplugged que MTV nos metio en la cabeza