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por Maya Filipič


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Acerca de este álbum

  • Publicado el: 30/07/2008

As suggested by the title, this album is divided in two parts.

The "Stories from Emona" are my most recent compositions and therefore a part of my new perception of life, after leaving my studies. Emona is an antique name for Ljubljana, where I got inspired and wrote these songs.

The rest of the compositions are some of my older works, Fantasía being the oldest of them. It was composed during my high school period, while the last prelude (E flat major) was composed in my 1st year at university. I see these works as a kind of  "homage" to my favourite and ever-inspiring composers Chopin, Rachmaninov and Skrjabin.

All of the tracks were inspired by emotional events which changed something in my life for the better, bringing me to a catharsis effect in the end.


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Very nice

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Peace and relax...


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Hola, como ya te has dado cuenta somos mas los que nos quedamos impresionados con tu hermosa musica, sigue adelante y solo escucha las criticas cuando sean constrctivas. Me uno a quien ha escrito que mueves sentimientos. "En tierra infertil no nace nada" para quien dice que estas melodias son mas de lo mismo.
Livio Amato


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Tra i migliori brani di musica per pianoforte acustico che io abbia mai sentito. Senza paragoni, per sensibilità ed esecuzione.

grave chords

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I must say that I love the chords especially, the disharmonies, the low thunders from the depths of the piano, and in between, the slight light melodies on the top. One can hear Chopin in most of your tunes, in the LH arpeggios. It's an awesome, questionless above average recording,... what what do I say - according to the counted plays, many people already realized :-) . Greetings from a musical collegue, love, Frithjof


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Je ne suis pas fan de classique mais je me suis arrêtée à écouter cet album d'une telle fluidité qu'on arrive à la fin sans s'en rendre compte... Superbe voyage au pays des elfes et des fées, j'adore !!! Merci beaucoup !!!

I really think it's excepionnal

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I love hearing to it. I think it's the first time of my life I love so much a creative contents music. Thanks, thanks again. Maybe I'll use one of those for a film, I'll let you know. Thanks.

Buen álbum

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es un placer poder escuchar, tanta calidad.

Nicht interessant

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leicht langweilig.


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Fascinante, soberbio, lleno de belleza y sentimiento. He disfrutado enormemente con tu album. Es de lo mejor que he oído en mucho tiempo. Enhorabuena


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Excellent reposant apaisant bonne continuation