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por Brad Sucks


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Acerca de este álbum

  • Publicado el: 09/09/2008



Out of It is the second Brad Sucks album, follow-up to I Don't Know What I'm Doing.


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Brad Sucks is does not.

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This album was well worth the wait. Excellent album from an awesome band. Brad Sucks was the original internet rock star. Lulz!


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Great sounding album - Love your work. Great vocals and tunes. One of the best albums I have discovered in Jamendo.

god save the rock

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Je ne connais le premier album mais celui-ci m'emballe. Rock, ballade, envie de voyage, ou de rester pénard chez soi... Bref, on est bien à écouter ce disque. Le petit quelque chose qui fait la différence : la présence de la rondeur due aux basses. Encore !!!!


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Me ha encantado, no habia escuchado nada de este artista , pero creo que sera uno de mis favoritos desde ahora mismo, felicidades!!!!


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Schöner Indie Pop Rock, einfach nur schön anzuhören und mitzuwippen.


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Congratulations,thanks for the fire

Brad Sucks as perfectly the 2nd time around

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User tags: pop funrock lightrock cockosreaper opensource Brad Sucks has his own style and unique sound, and carries it off to perfection. That was true for the first album, and is just as true for this new one. Great stuff. While this music isn't in one of my preferred genres (I tend to look for darker, more pain-ridden music), I found myself playing both Brad Sucks albums repeatedly out of pure nostalgia. The reason is that the track "Making Me Nervous" from the first album is the default demo track included in the Cockos Reaper music production environment, so I heard it a zillion times while playing around with that software for a while. That left a lasting impression. :-) While I may not be the target audience, I want to give Brad a big thumbs up for doing what he does so well, and for being a standard bearer for free and open-source music (sources on his site). The Brad Sucks sound is just unmistakeable. Good work. :-)
vanilla lips


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отличная группа - не напрягает,располагает на приятный настрой,очень понравилось))))

Complete marvell!

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Hey Brad! This album is a complete marvell! This time ALL the tracks was perfect! A very listenable album, great feeling in this one. I haven't nothing to say about basses this time... [lol] Keep playing Brad, I'm with you! Hey Brad! Stavolta il tuo album è una completa meraviglia! TUTTI i brani mi sono piaciuti! Un album molto ascoltabile, ed un grande sentimento verso quest'ultimo! Stavolta non ho nulla da dire riguardo i bassi... [lol] Continua così Brad! Sono con te!

bon deuxième opus, nice second opus

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J'ai vraiment beaucoup aimé "I don't know what I'm doing". Le nouvel opus me laisse un petit peu sur ma faim, tant le premier était excellent. Ceci dit, Brad Sucks reste un de mes artistes préférés sur Jamendo et cet album regorge de bijoux, tels "you're not going anywhere" ou "gazoline"pour la ballade. Vivement un concert en France. The first album "I don't know what I'm doing" was so great that I was at first a little disappointed by this album. But, I don't want to be misunderstood, then I tell it clearly : That's a great album, with jewels as "you're not going anywhere" or "gazoline". Tell me Brad, how many time will you wait before you come to France for a Live ? Thanks for your work, it's a beauty.