playlist artwork#12 this weekThe Dreamer's Paradox

por JT Bruce


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Acerca de este álbum

  • Publicado el: 11/9/2006
The Dreamer's Paradox is the second album by JT Bruce. It shows a strong maturation and development of the style and tone achieved by Anomalous Material, resulting in increased production quality, compositional strength, and diversity. Fans of Anomalous Material will undoubtedly enjoy this release, but the album's depth and scope will also appeal to a much wider audience of varying musical tastes. Backing vocals are featured in one track and spoken words in another.

Being a concept album, the Dreamer's Paradox prominently features recurring musical themes, acting as characters in a musical drama. The evolving and subtle themes interact with one another and are revisited throughout the album's length, creating the progress and mood akin to the telling of a story.

The albums total running time is 74 minutes 22 seconds.
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Almost too boring...

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These guys are striving to become new "Canvas Solaris" or "Gordian Knot". But in the end all the vast amount of great progressive ideas goes to waste because of the simple lack of musical harmony knowledge. It seems that they're just recycling the same track over and over and over in ten more cosmetically different versions. It's all the same. I just fall asleep every time I begin listening to it. The "The verge of Illusory Twillight" track is very good, but if you've listened to it you've pretty much listened to all the rest. Luminous Flesh Giants are much better, even though they use nothing but the old school metal rig. JT uses a lot of synthesized sounds, which is a good thing, especially for progressive. However if you can't make the pieces fit together well no amount of synthesized sounds will ever make it right. If you were looking for something original and fresh I suggest you move forward: there is little to see here.

come on guys

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they are so good and yet nobdy seeds poo on u guys...yes i'm a ;ittle new but these guys are great!!!


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En tant que membre de your majesty, fan de dream theater, liquid tention ou trans atlantic, autrement dit les meilleurs du rock progressif, je retrouve cette meme extase en ecoutant votre musique, en particulier l'album de dreamers paradoxe ! la 5ème est pour moi une des plus belles musique accoustique que vous ayez jouez. encore bravo j'aime beaucoup j'espere que vous arriverez a percez un jour !


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objet sonore insolite : Ah ! J'aime bien ! il y a tout à la fois recherche, fantaisie et originalité : On sort franchement des sentiers battus.


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Ta plyta bije na glowie wiele porzadnych i popularnych kapel graja z taka energia ze nie wiele na starce tak gralo oby sie to za szybko nie skonczylo cudowne polaczenie gdzie nie gdzie horow czasem elementow muzyki elektronicznej co jakis czas dziwne lecz caly czas przyjazne dzwieki wpadajace w ucho i bardzo rytmiczne polecam goraco warto przesluchac cudownie skaponowana plyta prawie nie czuc kiedy jest nastepny utworek a to juz pol plyty przelecialo Na co czekacie ? Zciagac I SLUCHAC !!!


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Aunque suena demasiado sintético, como posible recurso para acompañar alguna presentación es más que valido por su acabado limpio.

C'est cool c'est éléphant !

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Cela me plait énormément. Un point c'est tout. Commercial ? Non réussi !


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This is one of the best album I've ever heard!!!Waiting the next one...


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hy Bruce, a very great work From beginning to the end of this album...i was highly surprised! from the begin to the end of this album ,every track sound's better ☺☺☺ It's easy to hear that this guys are musicians. It's very hard to find music like this in our time. You want to hear great it is!!! Great work! Pol

Originalité & efficacité !!!

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C'est original et vraiment sympa: ça part quelquefois dans tous les sens mais ça reste cohérant je trouve. Les rythmes sont plus ou moins rapides et nous entrainent grâce aux couleurs sonnores multiples et bien choisies. Bref des mélodies qui font révées.