playlist artwork#12 this weekThe Dreamer's Paradox

por JT Bruce


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Acerca de este álbum

  • Publicado el: 11/09/2006
The Dreamer's Paradox is the second album by JT Bruce. It shows a strong maturation and development of the style and tone achieved by Anomalous Material, resulting in increased production quality, compositional strength, and diversity. Fans of Anomalous Material will undoubtedly enjoy this release, but the album's depth and scope will also appeal to a much wider audience of varying musical tastes. Backing vocals are featured in one track and spoken words in another.

Being a concept album, the Dreamer's Paradox prominently features recurring musical themes, acting as characters in a musical drama. The evolving and subtle themes interact with one another and are revisited throughout the album's length, creating the progress and mood akin to the telling of a story.

The albums total running time is 74 minutes 22 seconds.
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Dobry album

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Przyznaje, dobra muza

Powerfull and Brilliant

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Plenty of people have already reviewed this album, so I'll keep this part brief, tracks 1-10 are fantastic, very like Liquid tension experiment (who I love) and generally a fantastic progressive concept album. Alone I'd give that an 8/10. I rated this a 9 because of the last track. Wow. Completley unexpectedly the album ends on a absolutley bizzare finale, a completley different electronic/acid sound, twisting and jerking harshly between melodies and beats, yet still it somehow manages to fit in with the rest of the album.


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Very impressive instrumental progressive Rock. Enjoyable! Tim


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Un disco abrumador, con excelentes ambientes musicales. Con ritmos fuertes sin necesidad de llegar a un modo incomprensible de la música. Progresivo, hasta donde no se puede, explora varias tecnicas. Con una influencia marca de Liquid Tension Experiment. Uno de los mejores albunes del genero experimetal que he oido. #chentex.

A real pleasure!

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High, JT Bruce I really do dig your second album, which I even like better than your first one. I especially like the non-vocal instrumental parts. Looking forward to listening to your next album! Best regards Smithsoni@que

Muy Muy Bueno

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Me parece muy muy muy bueno incluso mejor que el anterior, suerte

Opéra rock

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Fausse ressemblance mais vrai album et je remercie Heet Seas de m'avoir fait connaître ce groupe. J'ai aimé du début jusqu'à la fin, d'ailleurs je n'est pas entendu de "chanteur" si on parle de ressemblance pour moi lointaine. Je pense que ce n'est pas une mauvaise chose une critique négative mais de la à descendre le groupe, il ne faudrait pas exagérer, car ils ont le mérite de faire un formidable travail. j'aime particulièrement The Verge Of Illusory Twiligth Je leurs dit Super Bravo à voir en concert, ça doit déménager ! J'adhère et dans mes favoris.

Prog at its best

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This is some of the best instrumental prog. I've ever heard and I heard quite a bit. This is a must listen for prog fans.

Mega wypas!!!

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Doskonały instrumental nie tylko w kategorii progresji. Dobrze się słucha, nie nudzi, tworzy nastrój. Może nie jest to hit MTV, ba nie ma jakiś chwytnych melodii, ale tego właśnie nie oczekuję po tego typu muzyce. Koleś ma łeb na karku. Dobrze, że taka muzyka jest udostępniana za darmo.