playlist artwork#12 this weekThe Dreamer's Paradox

por JT Bruce


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Acerca de este álbum

  • Publicado el: 11/09/2006
The Dreamer's Paradox is the second album by JT Bruce. It shows a strong maturation and development of the style and tone achieved by Anomalous Material, resulting in increased production quality, compositional strength, and diversity. Fans of Anomalous Material will undoubtedly enjoy this release, but the album's depth and scope will also appeal to a much wider audience of varying musical tastes. Backing vocals are featured in one track and spoken words in another.

Being a concept album, the Dreamer's Paradox prominently features recurring musical themes, acting as characters in a musical drama. The evolving and subtle themes interact with one another and are revisited throughout the album's length, creating the progress and mood akin to the telling of a story.

The albums total running time is 74 minutes 22 seconds.
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Great Texture and Soundscaping

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From the first listen of the opening track, "The Dreamer's Overture" I knew that this was gonna be a great aural experience. Very tight production, great meter changes, solid orchestration. Brought me back to the days of Dixie Dregs and early(iest) Kansas. Great album... contributions of thanks forthcoming. (And if you like these artists here, send a few monetary gifts their way, eh?)

Buen álbum

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Recuerda a grupos de la época de los Camel, sonido de ambiente en ocasiones denso,tan gótico como en ocasiones liberador, un gran paso hacia la experimentación con el sonido. Me ha gustado más de lo que esperaba.


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Très bon rock progressif qui soutient la comparaison avec les maîtres du genre Merci pour le partge de ces talents

Better then Good album

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Pretty Impressive. Right up their with the England's best. Surprised you haven't cut a deal with a major. Keep this up and your sure to. Thanks for some top shelf freebies.


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First time on Jamendo great music, you guys sound Awesome.


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je suis nul en critique mais ce que se sait faire c'est reconnaitre quelqun qui a du talent et tu fais parti de ces gens la, alors continue vieux.

Good album

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High production values and some interesting metal with a touch of Jeff Wayne about it. Good background music, good for car journeys, good to mellow out to. What else can I say?


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Un album superbe aux sonorites magiques. A ecouter d'urgence

amazing, unique

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If I had to choose 1 CD within the last year, this would probably be it. I never thought about metal without the vocals, or never thought it could sound this good. This is outstanding work. It's like progressive rock, only ten times better because it is heavy. Thanks to Jamendo I found this amazing artist and CD, something that happens in a music store only after spending a lot of money, time, and frustration.