playlist artwork#12 this weekBeautiful

por Matti Paalanen


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  • Publicado el: 16/12/2006

Collection of post rock guitar ambientjungle

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As I expected, another fantastic album! I really enjoy the calmness you are able to stir in me. Your music makes me feel at peace and warm inside. Thanks for sharing your art with us. (If you uploaded anything else, apart from Frozen Silence, Project Divinity and Celestial Aeon Project, could you please let me know, since I have no other way to be aware of that? Thanks!)

Muy hermoso

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Me gusto mucho, algo tranquilo, ideal para escribir, estudiar y pasarla bien.


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That's a very impressive music! Rather minimal music pieces with a warm sound of the guitar create very positive and pleasant mood! Distant landscapes or long travelling comes to my mind when listenning to that music.

Beautiful album

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Bardzo lubię takie klimaty.

Beauté douceur...

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Une musique qui s'écoute comme la neige virevolte sur la plaine, tout en douceur et en calme... J'aime!!

Nice !!

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Excellent sounds of guitar. Good touch and depth. Ambient music at its best. Favorite track: Clouds fly as I smile. But my woofer was not giving me any support, it was humming a strange noise. May be some recording deters. Thank you SaReGaMa for recommending this album to me Great great thanks to Matti for providing such nice works for free !! (SMG & Mudit Sood) बहुट बरिया काम !!! लगे रहो मैटी भायी !!

Perfect Peace

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Beautiful, light and airy, with a tinge of cool and calm . . . and a definite floating peacefulness - perfect peace, gentle peace!


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How relaxing are this songs, ge me into mood of thinking an feeling, well done !!!!!!

Feel The Beauty,The Calm, The Glow, & Relax In Heavan...

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Feel the beauty,the calm, and glow in heavenly -relaxation to this ambient, instrumental, acoustic guitar sounds and delights, to easy your spirit and relax your mind, heart and soul. The beauty of this music is awesome and profound.

Hauntingly Beautiful

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I listened to this album for several hours. It is very calming, yet uplifting at the same time. Although it is sunny and warm here, the songs remind me of a cool wintry day in the darkest part of the forest, where I can sit and be alone with my thoughts in the deep silence. I thank Matti for taking me there... it is a very beautiful place! As Matti has shared with me, so I will share with others...