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por Jonay


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  • Publicado el: 28/5/2009

The story behind the song:
I always want new challenges with my music so one day I wanted to try something new. I chose a beat, which I had produced and together with Jamendo I let the members listen to the beat and decide the topic for the song by voting


(topics were Skydiving, Cellphone,Traffic Lights,Headphones,barchair, Briefcase, sofa) Thank God skydiving won :)

But I have never skydived (to afraid of heights :)), how can I write a song about it then? Well I made some research and finally registered at DropZone (one of the biggest skydiving communities) I started this thread. Many were skeptical at the beginning, but they started slowly to share stories and information with me. Once the song was ready their comments were totally different in this

 thread :)
The lyrics for the song are totally based upon the stories shared by the skydivers on dropzone, from all over the world. It was not easy to turn it into lyrics but it turned out pretty well:)

The song project started as fun and exciting challenge and has now almost become a world wide anthem for Skydivers.
A big thanks to Jamendo and its members.

 Hope you enjoy the song, and maybe you feel inspired to try skydiving:)


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De lo mejor que he escuchado en Jamendo... Sigue así

Good album

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A very good single, the same style like "The Darker The Sky Is The Brighter The Stars Shine". Good beat, good voices, great work!


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eh mehr davon geiler Beat *dance*

Buen álbum

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Muy bueno. Está muy la música, las voces, todo muy ajustado. Suena fantasticamente bien. Enhirabuena


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dal vivo sarebbe veramente bello , peccato che c'è solo una traccia !


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This track is simply a hit! Bravo++

Super sound

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Nothing more, nothing less, Super sound

quel surprise...

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Je ne suis pas amateur du genre mais doit dire que ce titre est trés agréable(en dehors des clichés rnb du moment)Dans le style comme pour le rythme rien a dire.Merci.

Хороший альбом

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I like it. Really, very good job. Can I use your track for my skydiving video please? I'll mention you as music author in titles. No commercial use. You must go jump tandem at least:) Everyone afraid of heights, but you'll once you on ground - you want to do it again.

Get Your Dance Shoes On.. & Boogie & Dance To This Energy Filled, Dance, Club, House Track.

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Loud, proud and in your face.. electronic, drumnbass, synthesizer track.With good strong male vocals. And nice sweet, strong infectious female ones. Added and combined together Sound Brilliant, with even anther guys voices added into the mix. On this nicely layered, creative, catchy, cool, dance, trance, electric, hypnotic, uplifting, good basslines. club, house track.