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Acerca de este álbum

  • Publicado el: 13/6/2009

The wait is over. After twelve months of creative efforts in my home studio, new album "Solid Void" has been completed and it's fresh and out. First of all I would like to thank Jamendo for being such a great platform for musicians and indy artists, and what makes me specially happy is great audience and vibrant community that surrounds it.

The musical idea behind this album is amazing duality of nature. While our brain tells us that world is solid, quantum physics tells us a quite different story that 99.9999% of an atom is empty space, a void. Well, I find this discrepancy magical, inspiring and even spiritual, so that's the driving force behind the concept of this music album. 

Like it's predcessors "Ephemeris" and "Fortadelis" this album is ambiental, smooth, very lush and spacious and it's spiced up with elements of darkness there and there.This time I wanted to unleash the real power behind the sound generative process of analog synthesizers, so I hope that true synth lovers expectations are going to be fullfilled. There are really simple sounds such as sine waves and saw pads, arppegiated riffs, TR-808 like rhtyhtm patterns, warm analog strings and very complex clusters of multilayered soundscapes. That makes this album an ideal choice for a movie or documentary soundtrack or relaxing background music. 

I'm really looking forward to hear your opinion on this one. 

Kind Regards,

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Sonic Mystery

Awesome work!

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Fortadelis is definitely one of the best artists on Jamendo! Beautiful work! Two thumbs up on my arms and two thumbs up on my legs for Fortadelis! Absolutely in my favourites! Thank you for sharing your great music!


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Fascinating wavepainting! Inspirational visions for opened mind ppl. I wish for you a tons of honorable mention. Thank you for this masterpiece!

Wonderful! Uplifting!

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First time listening to Solid Void: Majestic - Within the first FIVE chords played...I was in love.... Thank you! Vangelis should enjoy your work as much as you do his! Your new BIGGEST FAN!

Oh! No You DIDn't!!!

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I thought, "Naw, I don't need to review another song. He gets I like his music." ...But, then VORTEX started! WOW!!! I feel like I've traveled from one heavenly place {Majestic} to an absolutely DIFFERENT heavenly place {Vortex} that amazes me as much as the first heavenly place {Majestic}!!! ;^) ...HMMMmmmmmmm ~ song names so far truly are SPOT ON!!!

Exceptionnellement magnifique

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Magnifique musique ,tu me plonges là où j'ai ma place dans le noir .Alors je ferme les yeux. MERCI RAF

Solide Arbeit

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Zwar anders als die Vorgängeralben und trotzdem ein sehr solides Album elektronischer Instrumentalmusik. Der Retrostyle der Sounds gefällt mir sehr gut, besonders was im Hinter- und Untergrund rumdödelt. Das ganze klingt einfach rund und perfekt gemacht!


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Everything I love.

The Perfect Moment!

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Listening to Fortadelis' music creates the perfect moment in time - comforting, happy, uplifting and perfectly orchestrated. This is feel good music at its best. kick back and let your mind wander to far away places and galaxies. Take a personal vacation and surround yourself in this awesome music. It really just doesn't get any better. Amazing harmonies and instrumentation all pull together to create a masterpiece! Bravo!!


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Brilliant ,I love this

Space, that fits like a glove

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When I listend to your music I had scenes from different science fiction movies in my mind. Very relaxing and motional music, nice! Sometimes, I miss the "move forward". So there could be a bit more action in your song if you ask me. But go on, I hope to listen to more song from you. Regards, DB