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  • Publicado el: 26/07/2009

Doc & Lena Selyanina - Steppe


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This is a tender, organic and meditative ambient track inspired by the vast expanses of the steppes. Lena herself has lived a year in Kazakh Steppe, so the environment is very familiar to her.

Composition, keyboards, chimes and mystical poetry: Lena Selyanina
Arrangement: Doc & Lena Selyanina
Mix & production: Doc

Note: A 24-bit 88.2 kHz FLAC encoded audiophile version of the album is available as a torrent from Mininova

(cc) Some Rights Reserved - Attribution CC BY

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Sky clad...

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A unique environment indeed, from what I understand. The track from the start seems to capture an essence of how I imagine it to be. What comes to mind is living in half-buried, smoke-filled hides and the swift passage of small horses bearing formidable riders. Some places carry a certain sense of spirit and the steppes, is one of those particular places. More closely integrated with the natural progression of such an atmosphere, the inhabitants therein were likely to be more in touch with their own selves and proved the veracity of human adaptability. I love this historical perspective, one that has always appealed. The spirit being the one thing not susceptible to erosion. Here treated in the form of a delicate sound construction, with an aspect of resilience.

вибрации Земли

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Здесь летит безликий ветер, задевая хранителей духов бесконечной степи. Земля не спит, она родает сухие травы, она молится, она живет. Выразительная композиция, созданная очень глубокой душой.

fine album

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i can almost feel the nature of the steppes,the very essence of a place none of us will translate the audio into a vision and in that dream we too can experience the steppes.


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I can never tire of good, wide, colorfull and in coplete harmony with theme ambient. And this one is that. So simple.


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música extática para moverse por un espacio inmenso


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Very relaxing soundscape, perfectly evoking pictures of a vast steppe.

Just this . . . .

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The "Steppe" is cold and windy and as open as all of space . . . and I lie on my back . . . clutching the rough grasses . . staring up into the heavens . . . feeling the solar winds pushing me onward and outward as I expand to encompass the whole of the universe . . . and as I float through the blackness of nothing I recognize the reflection of myself as complete . . . and then I give silent birth . . . to a universe . . . of myself . . . at peace in this minimal dance through existence . . slow and willing . . . quiet . .. . thoroughly quiet . ..


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Thanks to .Doc and Lena to give us this musical piece which takes us to central asia steppes, such a particular place where one can be fully with himself, certainly not alone, if not with God. Thanks to you two for this magical moment of music.