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  • Publicado el: 27/10/2010
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An amazing piece of work!

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Yet another Williamson masterwork! :) When I started to listen to it, my productivity raised tenfold. I don't do music, but having this as a soundtrack in computer based work is awesome. Some tracks are relaxing and some uplifting so it's always interesting to go through the whole album. The first third of the album has alternating tracks fast and slow, the middle is somewhat varied, and the last part returns to the same alternation with the last track rounding up the whole album with distinct Williamson sound. The Moon And Her Mother is an interesting piece with English accent phonetics practice. The sources for art are indeed everywhere. Be sure to check out this album. It grabs you with Dendrites On Holiday and leads you all the way to the end. Can't put it away. It rocks!

Awesome Again !!!

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I've said it before, it bears repeating ... Williamson is music like no one else's! I still cannot think of a single category that fits, and that is part of the beauty. Why the need for categories anyway? I likened an earlier album 'A few things to hear before we all blow up' to a 'sequence of 'tonal poems' which not while 'building' ON each other, don't exist entirely independent OF each other' and this work seems to build in much the same way. Music itself only rarely fascinates me the way Williamson does, and while it can be 'productive background music' as I and others have mentioned, it is amazingly rewarding when one gives it undivided attention. Somehow, Williamson crafts music which is immediately personal and deeply stirring, without uttering a single word, but speaking a universal language. It's a language deeply intelligent, inspiring creative thoughts and actions in the listener. Sure there are occasional words in this album, however, for me at least the music would stand on it's own without them ... OK, I didn't make a lot of sense this time either, just listen and decide for yourself. I can't wait to see what is next ...

Superb ambience

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Really really superb ambient n guitarish pop! Sounds are great, mastering is great - the whole thing is great!

Relax !

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Un album très plaisant fait de musique fraîche, sans lourdeur, alternance de morceaux lents ou rapides, flirtant, par instants, avec le post rock.

Submit !

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We would love to add your material to our playlist. wonderful job.


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Musica perfetta come relax con questo ritmo veloce ma nello stesso tempo calmo. Complimenti all'autore
Screaming Field


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Only the name of the album is not original:)!! Daft Punk's first album ;) The music is great and anyone who loves music should hear this...