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por Pianochocolate


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  • Publicado el: 16/12/2010
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Deeply Meaningful & Sensitive, Beautiful & Sublime..

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I looked at the album cover, and it made me smile and feel hope, love and great feeling of faith that, what I was looking at, was going to be great inside. And sure enough. I looked inside and sat and truly listened and felt. The grace and sublime beauty and heartfelt sentiments and inspirational delights of this aura filled spectacular classical, violins, piano,synthesizer drumnbass, instrumental, neoclassical music. Fulfill me and take me over. And the piano. was the finishing touches to a refined and elegantly done day dreamy scape of heavens glorious goodness and purity of a great heart and soul that produced and composed these exceptional master pieces of music heard and truly felt within and out. Gracefulness that was intoxicating and dreamy. Like a caress and a touch that was gentle and nimble. Soft and sensitive, warm and loving and gave hope and love. Feelings of goodness, divine inspiration and glorious arousals that transported me to other planes within this universe of ours. I left my body and my mind was taken over by the sights and sounds that I truly felt and was touched by.. Can I also tell you.. You have the genius touch. That is emotionally beautiful and hypnotic and pleasantly overwhelming. Simply Wow.. Stunning
Geri G

Piano - Geigen - Elektronika - Neoklassik für den Feierabend

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Na, das gefällt mir. Genug Rhythmus, Melodie, dass es nicht zu chillig wird. Aber das Instrumentarium - gut gespielt, locker, entspannend, das Piano schön klassisch, die Violine schön schwülstig, der Synthie - da fällt mir jetzt nix ein. Wie gesagt, das gefällt mir.


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Hola.. Sin palabras me has dejado.. Tus creaciones suenan maravillosas.. He de confesarte que me has inspirado.. Y en honor a tu arte.. Te he rendido un humilde homenaje haciendo unos vídeos caseros en youtube.. Por si quieres verlos.. Aquí te dejo su enlace.. Ojalá te resulten gratos.. Mil besos.. Eres increíble.. Gracias! gracias! gracias..


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Отличная музыка. Мне очень нравится. Добавляю в избранное.


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Muito boa composição, a sonoridade também não pode deixar de ser elogiada. As músicas me deixaram em um estado de transe durante toda a execução do álbum!

Хороший, грамотный альбом

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Лёгкость исполнения увлекает за собой куда-то в даль манящую...

Buen álbum

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Muy bueno , gracias por compartir !


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Ох, и сколько в Ростове отличных музыкантов, какое там количество талантов. Я крайне рад, что Катберт выпустил новый альбом, который лишь доказывает первоклассность данного музыканта. Великолепные сочные мелодии с биг-битовыми ударными, это и есть фирменный стиль. Очень жаль, что не приезжает к нам в Краснодар, ото бы обязательно сходил :(


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These very pretty violin/ piano compositions framed against a background of electronic music are gentle and quieting and have a slight melancholy feeling. The last 2 tracks Marga Sol- "Goodbye" and Jean Honeymoon - "Bang Bang" are soft and sweet vocals with a haunting quality. Interesting album, Pianochocolate. Thank you, I've enjoyed listening to your music very much. The artwork on your album cover is lovely... wistful and nostalgic.... a scene that brings memories of sunny days spent chasing after the winds.