playlist artwork#12 this weekIm Tor zur Welt

por AKSUUN of Kuma-Um

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  • Publicado el: 04/03/2011
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World Peace could come from this . . .

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Wow . . . I am amazed at the eclectic group of instruments this musician plays. . . and he plays them so well . . . using time honored methods of hypnotizing the listener with an interesting grouping of sound, dronings, flat melodic ramblings, bird song and mono-tonal chants. This style of music is very peaceful and spiritual . . . offering harmony and enchantment to the listener and the music stills the turbulent waters adding warmth . . . great album for moments of introspection, calm and meditation.

Not worth a listen

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Well it starts with a drone (that continues throughtout track 1) and if your patient (as I was) you hear the interesting sound of the duduk. If you love this instrument then you would do well to check out Didier Malherbe playing it with a little bit more melody and inventiveness. This is a little too rambling and slow for me but if it's relaxation, meditation or sleep you're into then this might be for you. The tempo remains relaxed throughout and, yes, a multi-instrumentalist throughout, but would benefit from collaboration in my opinion. Originality is a positive side to this music but the mood isn't variable enough. When the helicopters arrive I think they're going to shoot at me and by the end I believe they've killed a loved one. It that is indeed the inspiration or life of the artist then it has communicated well.