playlist artwork#12 this weekStrange Chord

por The TenGooz


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  • Publicado el: 22/12/2005

Avi Landau-Vocals
Kenya Sagara-Trombone
Hase G-Bass
Fumi Tanaka-Guitar
Jon Hicks-Drums


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Crazy fun!

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I like the songs on this album.Each is different, byt they are all energetic and impressive.I think the words are also funny and sarcastic. The music on the song Strange Chord goes completely crazy and I think the words are funny!I love slide guitar! the song clear skies is a nice song but the sound is not very clear! The reggae song is great!The cover is a bit strange but the colorsa re pretty. This bands sounds great LIVE.

Nice music.

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I like this stuff. Really groovy music. Makes me good mood. I'm really looking foward to see this band live!!!

don't sing

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Really wonderful instrumental music, but I just don't think the lyrics or singing add to the overall impression. Instead they detract. IMHO

comical songs with bite!

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Careful listening to the English words of this japanese band is very rewarding. The poems are funny and thought provokimg. And the band can really play!

Crazy Blues! Riotous Reggae!

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The TenGooz really are nuts! Strange Chord is non-stop energy. I love the wild Slide guitar horns and great bass. The Running is reggae and ska with a gloovy feel. This album has few songs so its not my favorite TenGooz album, but if you want to have the party--STRANGE CHORD is for you!

j'aime bien

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J'aime bien cette album, même si j'ai une légère préférence pour le précédent. J'apprécie toujours autant la voix du chanteur. En concert, tout ce petit monde doit avoir une pêche d'enfer. La présence des cuivres est un plus indéniable.

Calidad y variedad.

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Este es el tercer "disco" de The Tengooz que me bajo, y no me decepciona, la verdad. Tienen un sonido muy currado, que no sabría definir muy bien. Ese bajo medio funky, esa voz medio Bowie(80s), medio Ferry, esos vientos chulísimos... todo muy bueno por separado, y mejor en conjunto: muy peculiar.

Deep lyrics

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This short Tengooz album has some of their best English lyrics.Thats saying alot, because this Japanese band has some good words.My favorite is Picture perfect, which seems to be about keeping up appearances or maybe a lover with many secrets. Clear skies is also witty and it has a message. Strange Chord has a reference to The 3 stooges! This album also rocks.Strange Chord is almost to overpowering, the instruments take you to the limit, though the vocal doesnt seem to keep up.


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